Married at First Sight UK reunion special coming to E4

The cast of Married At First Sight UK 2023
Pictured: (L-R) Georges, Rosaline, Brad, Thomas, Terence, Peggy, Ella, Tasha, Arthur, Porscha, Jay, Laura, Paul, Nathanial, Shona and Luke.

A new Married at First Sight UK (MAFS UK) reunion special will air on E4 on Monday, 26 February at 9:30PM.


Viewers will be treated to a dramatic one-off featuring brides and grooms from the most recent series.

The latest series of MAFS UK has captivated the nation over the past nine weeks, bringing an unprecedented level of love and drama. Airing nightly on E4, the programme received its highest viewing figures ever, marking it as the show’s most successful series to date.

A bride and groom pictured from behind standing, about to get married on MAFSUK

To celebrate this milestone, E4 and producers CPL Productions are organizing a unique event.

They will be inviting some of the most memorable brides and grooms from this series to a dinner party in the English countryside, promising an unforgettable experience. The attendees for this special retreat include Adrienne, Ella, Erica, Georges, Jay, Jordan, Laura, Matt, Paul, Peggy, Rozz, Shona, Tasha, and Thomas.

As fans of MAFS UK know, the show’s dinner parties are renowned for their unpredictability. Viewers are left wondering if old dramas will resurface, whether any of the couples who left the experiment are still together, and if new romances or rivalries have emerged.

The reunion special is scheduled to air on E4 on Monday, 26 February at 9:30PM, following the launch of the latest series of Married at First Sight Australia.

Meanwhile a brand new full series of the show will air this autumn. Applications for the next Married At First Sight series are open now.


Married at First Sight UK showcases pairs of strangers who agree to a lifelong commitment without prior acquaintance, and are then documented for the first six weeks of their union. As the series concludes, they decide to either continue their relationship or part ways.

Participants are selected from thousands of applicants, each in pursuit of enduring love. They are evaluated by a team of specialists in psychology, social and evolutionary anthropology, and theology, ensuring a thorough and diverse assessment.