Married At First Sight 2023 cast: Meet the singles on new E4 series


Married At First Sight is back for a brand new series in 2023 – meet the cast here!

The upcoming season will once more track the journeys of a new group of individuals who, in their pursuit of love, embark on a unique path: marrying a total stranger they’ll encounter for the very first time on their wedding day.

This fresh instalment guarantees heightened grandeur and intensified drama, with the esteemed relationship authorities Mel Schilling, Paul C. Brunson and Charlene Douglas making their triumphant return to provide their invaluable expertise and guidance.

Married At First Sight UK returns to E4 on Monday, 18 September at 9PM – for now, meet the singles below!

Meet the Married At First Sight 2023 cast

Arthur Poremba


Arthur, aged 34, lives in London, where he works as a Tennis Coach.

Originally from Poland, he moved to England at the age of 16 with his mother and stepfather. At that time, he didn’t speak a word of English and had to take on the responsibility of raising his one-year-old brother so his parents could work. Today, Arthur is a successful tennis coach who travels around the world, coaching some of the most accomplished players.


Brad Skelly


Brad, aged 27, hails from Grimsby and works as a Model.

He’s known for being comfortable and secure in his identity, emphasizing that he doesn’t care about others’ opinions as long as he remains true to himself. Brad’s modelling career took off early due to his distinctive bad-boy appearance, but he eventually felt overwhelmed by the party lifestyle. As a result, he turned to spirituality for balance.




Georges, aged 30, resides in Surrey and works as a Sports Rehabilitator.

Growing up in Romsey, he spent most of his childhood in private school and later attended boarding school. Single for the past four years, Georges describes himself as a unique and outspoken individual who isn’t afraid to challenge the status quo.


Luke Worley


Luke, aged 30, lives in Clacton and works as a Sales Executive.

In his local town, he’s known as the “funny one” who can always be counted on to make people laugh, regardless of the time of day. Despite his social nature and numerous achievements, Luke faces challenges when it comes to finding a life partner.


Nathanial Valentino


Nathanial, aged 36, calls Manchester home and works as an Events Marketing Manager.

He exudes charisma and charm, thanks to his jet-set lifestyle. Nathanial is always on the move, seeking love and remaining open-minded about finding that perfect connection.


Paul Liba


Paul, aged 26, resides in Chesham and works as an Account Manager.

He’s a socialite with a zest for life, actively participating in sports like football and boxing, and frequently hitting the gym. Despite his outgoing nature, Paul has struggled to maintain a lasting relationship.




Terence, aged 40, lives in Reading and works as a Youth Worker/DJ.

Described as the life of the party with a heart of gold, Terence’s friends and family consider him optimistic and vibrant. After two years of enjoying a bachelor lifestyle, he reached a turning point at the age of 40, feeling ready to find a long-term partner.


Thomas Kriaras


Thomas, aged 27, resides in Wiltshire and works in Investment Communications.

He’s a traditional, animal-loving gentleman who developed a passion for travel and adventure during his teenage years while living in Indonesia. Thomas expresses his love through gift-giving and is in search of a lady who appreciates his nurturing nature.




Ella, aged 29, lives in Weston-Super-Mare and works as a Clinic Consultant.

She’s known for her big heart, sense of humor, and strong family bonds, particularly with her nan. Ella remains open to finding love and is committed to making the experiment work.


Jay Howard


Jay, aged 31, hails from Lancashire and works as a Sales Manager.

She’s known for her humor and positivity, often making people laugh effortlessly. Jay is searching for the right person to settle down with, someone who can match her energetic spirit and sense of humor.


Laura Jayne


Laura, aged 34, lives in Hampshire and works as a Finance Manager.

She enjoys the finer things in life and frequently spends weekends in Chelsea. Laura describes herself as a determined and successful “boss bitch” who knows what she wants in life and love.


Peggy Rose


Peggy, aged 32, resides in Kent and works as a Technology Risk Partner.

Standing at 5’10”, Peggy turns heads wherever she goes. She’s earned the nickname “Picky Peggy” due to her discerning taste in men and is often at the center of dramatic situations.


Porscha Pernnelle


Porscha, aged 36, lives in London and works as an Executive Assistant.

Despite her strong and assertive personality, she values traditional love and has strong Christian beliefs. Porscha, a loving single mother, has joined the experiment in search of her alpha male.


Rosaline Darlington


Rosaline, aged 28, hails from Crewe and works as a Florist.

Raised on a working farm, she’s a quirky ball of energy who seeks her dream man, marriage, and a happy-ever-after ending, especially after a recent heartbreak.


Shona Manderson


Shona, aged 31, lives in Nottingham and works as a Performing Arts Teacher. She describes herself as a true free spirit, unafraid to speak her mind and recently delving into spirituality and yoga.

Despite her many achievements, Shona feels that the only missing piece in her life is a husband.


Tasha Jay


Tasha, aged 25, resides in Leeds and works as a Childcare Assistant.

She’s the life of the party, embodying the spirit of a “typical Leeds girl.” Underneath her sassy exterior, Tasha has a caring side and dreams of starting a family with a man who shares her love for children.


Married At First Sight UK comes to E4 on Monday, 18 September.