Love Island 2022: Davide kisses new girl Mollie in bed as Casa Amor sees heads turn


Love Island 2022 tonight saw the boys stray as Casa Amor’s new girls caused chaos in the main villa.

This week has seen the original girls move to Casa Amor with six new boys while six new girls joined the original boys.

Tonight saw plenty of heads being turned with Davide, currently coupled up with Tasha, first seen kissing new girl Coco.

Come nightfall and he shared a bed with Mollie where the pair also enjoyed a kiss, much to the shock of viewers.

One tweeted: “Not Davide I’m going to cry” while another posted: “Feeling seriously let down by Davide tonight.”

Davide’s kisses followed Ekin-Su seemingly ruling out romance with any of the new boys in the main villa.

She said: “My heart and my mind is in my Italian dream man and I hope he’s ok.”

Meanwhile following her kiss with Davide, Coco went on to share a secret snog with Andrew, currently coupled up with Tasha.

Andrew said in the beach hut: “Right now I’m not going to be thinking about Tasha. I’m going to be thinking about myself for once. At the end of the day I wanna be happy so, I’m definitely going to speak to Coco, we’ll see what happens.”

He later told her: “I did want to talk to you, as I know we had a chat this morning. You know you are my type and I definitely wanna get to know you more.”

The pair went on to kiss before sharing a bed for the night, snogging once again.

Elsewhere in the episode, Dami shared a kiss with Summer as the pair spent some alone time up in the terrace.

Summer asked Dami: “Do you feel sneaky up here?”

He joked: “Well, we didn’t crawl in so it’s fine.”

She then asked Dami to read her mind with him replying: “You fancy me. You feel like there is a bit of chemistry between us. You wanna kiss me. You wanna share a bed with me tonight. You still definitely want to kiss me.”

After remarking on Dami’s strong eye contact, she challenged him to a staring contest. Dami said to her: “If you lose, just shoot your shot” before the pair shared a kiss.

Love Island 2022 airs nightly at 9PM on ITV2 and ITV Hub.

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