Claudia Winkleman spills all on the new series of The Traitors

Claudia Winkleman has revealed all about the new series of The Traitors.


The thrilling psychological reality competition returns for its second outing on 3 January 2024, with Claudia Winkleman once again at the helm.

Set in a picturesque Scottish castle, a new line up of 22 strangers engage in a high-stakes game of deception and detection. Among them are the ‘traitors’, secretly plotting to ‘murder’ a player each night.

The rest, known as the Faithfuls, must identify these traitors to survive and win a grand prize of up to £120,000. However, if a traitor remains hidden until the end, they take the entire cash prize for themselves.

Reflecting on the success of the first series, Claudia admitted her surprise: “We absolutely didn’t [anticipate it]. We really had no idea and when it did well we just couldn’t believe it. It floored all of us and made us extremely happy.”

The Traitors

Claudia fondly remembered her favourite moments from the last series, especially the dynamic and unpredictable interactions. “The first round table, the Traitors meeting in the conclave the first time. The Traitors turning on each other was extraordinary and something we did not predict. But there were brilliantly funny moments too, when they’d all laugh together on the missions. I love the friendships that were created in a mad world of betrayal,” she said.


She added of the show’s upcoming return: “I’m obviously terrified people won’t like it as much as series 1, but that’s normal right?”

Regarding the secrecy of the show’s outcomes, Claudia mentioned that it was not too difficult for her to keep the secrets. “I am rarely not in my bed so it was easy to keep the secrets of the final. I also know that giving away the ending or any part of it would have ruined it so I just kept schtum,” she explained.

Speaking about the new contestants, Claudia hinted at their enhanced gameplay, influenced by having watched the first series. “They are all excellent. They come having seen the first series so are more quick to suspect but they all play a brilliant game. I wish I could say more but I’ll be fired…” she joked.

Claudia continued: “[Series one] definitely gave them some tips and you can see some arrive and play the game immediately. But the game itself is so strong that however prepared you think you are, you’re not.”

Claudia remained coy about what’s to come in series two. However, she teased one significant change: “I wish I could [give hints on anything new]. I think I’m allowed to say the armoury has gone and now there’s a kitchen. That’s it!”

Claudia Winkleman poses in front of The Traitors meeting room

She also praised the scale and design of this year’s missions: “The missions this year are epic. The producers are so clever as the missions are incredibly important as it is a chance for the contestants to switch off from strategising and plotting. They get fresh air, they run around, they work as a team. The scale this year is beyond,” Claudia elaborated.

Her support for both the Faithfuls and the Traitors continues, reflecting her admiration for clever gameplay. “I want both the Faithful and Traitors to win, which is confusing,” she admitted.

And Claudia concluded of series two: “It definitely gets extremely tense, it did in the first series too but there’s one round table in this episode when I came out shaking.”


The Traitors will return for its new series on Wednesday, 3 January at 9PM and continue on Thursday and Friday nights.

Alongside the main series, a brand new spin-off will air on BBC Two and iPlayer.