The Traitors UK 2024 start date confirmed for series two

Series two of The Traitors is officially on its way to BBC One!

Making its debut on BBC One in 2022, The Traitors pits contestants against one another in a gripping contest of deceit, prowess, and trust, all for a grand cash reward.

Secretly mixed among them are The Traitors, participants tasked with ‘eliminating’ the loyal contenders while evading detection.

Following its success and impressive viewership, a second series was promptly greenlit, with Claudia Winkleman returning as the host.

When is The Traitors back on TV?

The Traitors will return for its new series on Wednesday, 3 January at 9PM and continue on Thursday and Friday nights.

Episodes will also be able to watch online via BBC iPlayer, with each week’s episodes released on Wednesdays.

For now you can have a go at playing The Traitors at home with a new boardgame.

The Traitors: Claudia Winkleman
The Traitors: Claudia Winkleman. Credit: BBC/Studio Lambert Associates/Mark Mainz

A first teaser recently began airing on BBC One just before Strictly Come Dancing.

The sneaky five second clip saw Claudia back under her cloak, looking up to the camera.

It was only a short glimpse of the new series but fans of the show were quick to react online.

“ARGHHHHH OMFG OMFG OMFG sneaky teaser for #TheTraitors!” one posted to X (previously Twitter).

“i’ve never been more excited for a show” another added.

And a third wrote: “Get it in my eyes, @BBCOne! #TheTraitors @ClaudiaWinkle”

> Play The Traitors at home with new boardgame

Big changes for series two

Bosses previously revealed big plans for series two of The Traitors.

Executive producer Toni Ireland shared: “I’m excited because the game’s going to be different, because people have seen the show. Now I imagine the cast will come with us with pre-planned ideas for how they think it’s going to go – our job is to make sure they’re kept on their toes…”

Meanwhile a spin-off show has been confirmed to air on BBC Two.

Ed Gamble will host The Traitors: Uncloaked, a new ‘visual podcast’ which will air alongside the main series.

The first series of The Traitors is currently available to watch online via BBC iPlayer here.

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