The Traitors returns for series two with BIG changes


The Traitors is back for series two and the show will see some big changes.

First launching last year on BBC One, The Traitors sees a group of contestants competing in the ultimate game of deception, skill and trust for a massive cash prize.

Hidden within the group are The Traitors, contestants who must ‘murder’ the faithful players and make it to the end without getting caught.

The Traitors: Claudia Winkleman
The Traitors: Claudia Winkleman. Credit: BBC/Studio Lambert Scotland/Mark Mainz

After proving a ratings hit a second series was quickly commissioned, with Claudia Winkleman back to host.

The new series of The Traitors will launch on BBC One and iPlayer in “early 2024” with an exact start date to be revealed.

The tagline of the second series will be: “You think you know how to play the game. You don’t know anything.”

Speaking at the Wales Screen Summit in Cardiff earlier in 2023, executive producer Toni Ireland from programme makers Studio Lambert shared: “I’m excited because the game’s going to be different, because people have seen the show. Now I imagine the cast will come with us with pre-planned ideas for how they think it’s going to go – our job is to make sure they’re kept on their toes…”

Fellow executive producer Sarah Fay revealed they had received 40,000 applications for the second series compared to just 1,500 for the first.

“We will look at all 40,000. We want to make sure we’re unearthing that gold. And [on top of that] we’ll still go out and target people who wouldn’t necessarily apply,” Sarah explained.

Toni added: “We want people [watching] to think, ‘Oh that’s just like my Mum, that’s just like me’. We want them to be relatable and rooting for those people. Hero or villain, it doesn’t matter, there’s no villains really. We want to make sure they’re likeable people on both teams.”

Also at the event in Wales was series one cast member Amanda Lovett who described her approach on the show as “Mother by day, murderer by night”.

Amanda said of her time in the game: “I totally immersed myself in it. It’s lies and deception, but it’s trust at the same tie.

“It’s amazing how you see 22 people trusting one and another very very quickly. They trusted the mum figure, the guy next door you’d go for a pint with.”

The Traitors airs on BBC One and iPlayer, where the first series is available now on catch up.

A third series has already been confirmed with applications open now.

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