Big Brother 2023 results! Second housemate voted off in live eviction

Here's who left on Friday

The second housemate has been voted off Big Brother 2023 in Friday’s results.

This week saw another two housemates facing eviction following the latest round of nominations.

Henry and Zak faced the public vote and AJ Odudu and Will Best announced the results live on ITV2 and ITVX yesterday evening.

AJ and Will deliver the Big Brother eviction results

Who was evicted from Big Brother on Friday?

In the live show (20 October), it was Zak who was evicted.

Zak hugged his housemates and said his goodbyes before leaving to greet the crowd, who had spent the live show chanting ‘Get Kerry Out’.

During the show, AJ and Will revealed that over a million votes had been cast via the show’s official app.


During the nominations this week, Zak received five nominations from Hallie, Kerry, Chanelle, Jenkin and Henry, while Henry received four nominations from Dylan, Olivia, Noky and Jenkin.

Elsewhere in Friday’s show, Hallie found herself punished again following another rule break over nominations.

She was forced to wear a giant cone on her head and sandwich board reading ‘Warning! Rule breaker’ until further notice.

Meanwhile, housemates competed to win a luxury takeaway treat in a new task.

Chanelle, Jenkin andTom worked at Big Brother’s Foul Fast Food, where they served their housemates some rather unpleasant fast-food creations. The catch was that the housemates had to eat their meals with a smile, as customer satisfaction was the top priority. If they succeeded, they earned a tasty takeaway.

The menu included Blazing Burgers and some seriously challenging culinary experiences, with reactions ranging from struggles to unexpected enthusiasm. Henry, adopting the role of a food critic, provided an ironic review, praising the textural complexity of the dishes.

Housemates passed the task and were rewarded with a Chinese takeaway.

Elsewhere, Jordan made a candid confession to Trish about his feelings for another housemate.

Big Brother returns on Sunday night at 9PM on ITV2 and ITVX, but live feed will return online from 9PM on Saturday.

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