Big Brother housemates react to ‘Get Kerry Out’ chants in live show

The crowd at Friday’s live eviction have caused a stir in the Big Brother house.


Yesterday evening’s episode saw Henry and Zak face the latest public vote and it was Zak who was voted off.

However the live audience’s focus was neither of the nominated housemates with loud chants of ‘Get Kerry Out’.

Big Brother housemates react to chants

As hosts AJ Odudu and Will Best spoke live to the house to reveal the eviction results, the housemates were easily able to hear the shouts.

During the live feed on Friday night (20 October), the group appeared confused by the chants after Kerry avoided the previous eviction against Farida.

A puzzled Olivia wondered: “What’s happened in the past week? What’s changed?”


Henry suggested: “We would have seen it all…”

Olivia pointed out: “But we don’t get to see what is said in the Diary Room…”

In a separate conversation, Jordan tried to reassure Kerry: “It’s just a week by week thing isn’t it? Next week they might be shouting ‘Kerry, Kerry, Kerry!’… When I heard the chants I was shocked.”

Kerry herself appeared to put the chants down to her clashes with Zak and wanting Henry to stay in the eviction.

“I never really gelled with Zak…. Zak used to get on my nerves a bit and I don’t get in the Diary Room and not speak,” she said. “I’ve been very honest and team Henry and that’s why I got booed.”


“Don’t worry, I’m tough,” she added.


Elsewhere, Yinrun said she wasn’t shocked by the boos and chants for Kerry.

“I didn’t get connected to Kerry since day one,” she told Matty.

As for the eviction result itself, Noky confided in Big Brother in the Diary Room that she was upset her ‘brother’ Zak had been evicted.

Meanwhile Henry announced to the house: “Sorry to say you haven’t got rid of me yet.”

He continued: “Now I’ve had time to breath it does feel really good. I loved Zak to bits and I would have had my money on him staying. It’s quite nice to have had public judgement and then to have stayed.”

Dylan remarked: “We don’t have a clue what is going on out there. We think we do, but we don’t.”

Henry also revealed: “Paul has not acknowledged me since [the eviction]. I know he’s quite upset.”



Trish told him: “Everybody’s allowed to feel a certain way, but you can’t act like they’ve caused you harm.”

Big Brother 2023 continues Sunday – Friday nights at 9PM on ITV2 and ITVX.

The next highlights episode is on Sunday, 22 October at 9PM.


However live feed continues Saturday online on ITVX from 9PM.

The next nominations will take place on Tuesday ahead of the third eviction next Friday night.

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