Alison Hammond to hit the road for new travel show

Alison Hammond
Alison Hammond on Michael McIntyre's Big Show. Credit: BBC/Hungry McBear/Gary Moyes

Alison Hammond is set to host another new TV show, this time fronting a travel series with her son Aidan.


Alison is already being kept busy with roles on This Morning, The Great British Bake Off and, most recently, the new host of For the Love of Dogs.

Now Alison, who first rose to fame on Big Brother, is set to fly off to America to film a brand new series.

She’ll be venturing into new territory with a travel show featuring her son, Aidan, 19.

Speaking to The Sun’s TV Magazine, Alison revealed the personal motivation behind the project. “The only reason I said yes to that was so I could spend time with my son. It’s like a win/win. He really wanted to do it so I was like: ‘Let’s do it together!’”

The show will take the form of a road trip to parts of America that neither Alison nor Aidan have visited before.

“We’re going to do parts of America that we’ve never been to before, so it’s kind of like a road trip,” Alison explained. While specific destinations remain under wraps, she assured that the journey will be entertaining. “You’re just going to have to wait and see. It’s going to be really good fun.”

Aidan, who has been travelling with Alison all his life, shares her excitement.

“Yeah, he’s excited. He’s been travelling with me his whole life and even now I’ll say: ‘Do you still want to go on holiday with me?’ And he’s like: ‘Yeah! They’re the best holidays ever,’” Alison shared.


However, Aidan does not aspire to be a TV presenter like his mum. Instead, he is passionate about DJ’ing, aiming to become respected in the field. “He’s really into DJ’ing, so he’s more into the DJ’ing side of things and becoming a real respected DJ in his own right, not a celebrity DJ,” she told the publication.

Meanwhile it’s been announced that Alison will also front a major new BBC series.