Alison Hammond’s future on For The Love of Dogs ‘uncertain’ amid viewer backlash

Alison Hammond meets three month old whippet called Poppet
Alison Hammond meets three month old whippet called Poppet

Alison Hammond’s role as host of ITV’s For The Love of Dogs is reportedly under threat after her first series at the helm faced a backlash from viewers.


Alison took charge of the long-running series from the beloved late Paul O’Grady earlier this year.

Some viewers have recently voiced concerns over her apparent discomfort around dogs, suggesting it makes her a mismatch for the show.

Fans expressed their disappointment on social media, with one viewer remarking: “I like Alison but there’s no way she should be on For the Love of Dogs, reading off a script, scared to even stroke the dogs! Gone from being a loving program to something I can’t even watch anymore.”

Another viewer commented: “Alison Hammond frighten to touch the dogs sorry cannot watch it switched off.”

Alison Hammond meets the Battersea Team (l-r) Nat Ingham Canine Behaviour Manager, Alison Hammond, Ali Taylor Battersea Head of Animal Behaviour and Becky Verne Rehoming Welfare Manager with Battersea Rescue Dogs Pip and Olive

According to the Mirror, Alison may not return to present another series.


A source shared: “Unfortunately the casting has not worked out how the team behind the show hoped – and it has turned out to be a bit of a misfit.”

They added: “Conversations are now ongoing about her future on the show within ITV and that has been communicated to Battersea. They are of course very passionate about the show, and want it to go on as long as possible.”

In a statement, ITV said: “This new series is in the middle of its run and standard practice means no meaningful assessment of future plans would be made at this stage.

“Everyone’s really pleased with the way Alison has brought her warmth and enthusiasm to the show and we hope viewers continue to enjoy it over the next month on ITV1 and on ITVX.”

Alison has robustly defended her involvement with the show.

Speaking to The Sun’s TV Mag, she addressed the criticism head-on: “I could understand in the sense that Paul was so loved, and people were saying: ‘How can she do Love Of Dogs when she doesn’t have a dog? How does she love dogs when she doesn’t have a dog?’

“It’s like saying: ‘How can you love children when you haven’t got kids?’ It’s such a flawed argument for me, and all I would say is: ‘If you don’t want to watch it, don’t watch it.’

“That’s what I would say to those trolls: ‘Don’t watch it then. If you don’t want to help Battersea, don’t watch it’.”

Alison continued to express her commitment to the show despite the negative feedback, sharing: “Trolls will be trolls and I’ll still do what I do best, which is TV presenting and you’ll see for yourself, I think it’s authentic and I loved doing it.


“Trolls are trolls, it says more about them than it does me, really. I would never troll anybody, even if I thought it, I wouldn’t go online and put it down.”

For the Love of Dogs currently airs Tuesdays on ITV1.

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