Air Fryers: Do You Have the Right One? (Channel 5)

Large double tray air fryer on a kitchen countertop

Channel 5 airs a brand new documentary Air Fryers: Do You Have the Right One?

How can you tell if someone has an air fryer? They never stop talking about it!

The programme kicks off with a playful examination of how these futuristic kitchen gadgets have captivated the UK, as evidenced by the plethora of witty social media posts.

Alexis Conran hosts an air fryer clinic alongside cook and writer Clare Andrews. Together, they demystify these modern culinary tools and tackle a variety of air fryer conundrums that have people tossing and turning.

Viewers have flooded Clare’s inbox with video queries, from basic startup questions and whether soup can be made in an air fryer, to how to silence its beeps that are startling their pets.

Clare pays a visit to technophobe duo Sarah and Steve in Kent, who are puzzled about how to use their new air fryer and hope it might be the solution to their health issues.

The programme is brimming with celebrity insights, featuring Jenny Powell, Sherrie Hewson, John Thomson, Christopher Biggins, and Axel Blake.

Air Fryers: Do You Have the Right One? airs on Channel 5 at 9PM.