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X Factor’s Fleur East announces engagement after romantic proposal

X Factor star Fleur East has announced her engagement after a romantic proposal in Japan.


The singer took to Twitter to reveal that boyfriend Marcel had got down on one knee while on holiday together.

She tweeted: “Literally just landed back in the UK from Japan & I can’t believe I can say that I’m engaged to be a WIFE! My boyfriend Marcel proposed to me while we were in Tokyo. What a trip to remember! ”

In an exclusive interview and photoshoot for this week’s Hello magazine, Fleur reveals all about the moment: “I said yes immediately! How Marcel did everything was just wonderful.

“We’re in a really traditional Japanese hotel and there were petals on the bed and champagne – when we first got here I was like, ‘Oh my goodness, this hotel goes above and beyond!’ Then I turned around and he was there, with the ring. He said: ‘Fleur East, will you be my wife?’ I couldn’t believe it.”

Fleur described the proposal as “perfect” with the couple having been together now for nine years.

You can read the full interview and see the photo shoot in HELLO! Magazine, today (March 25).


Meanhile, Fleur has spoken about a potential return to The X Factor following the release of her debut album in 2015.

It comes after Simon Cowell announced plans to air a special ‘All Star’ and ‘Celebrity’ versions of The X Factor this year.

Appearing on ITV’s This Morning, former X Factor finalist Fleur gave her opinion on the news.

“Simon has said that he is actually really excited about the show, the most excited he has been in a while,” she said. “He planning to do a bit of a two-part situation. The first would be similar to do what he had done in 2006 where they had battle of the stars.

“So we’ll have other celebrities coming on the show and taking part. And then, off the back of that, he’s going to do ‘all stars’, so previous contestants coming back.”

Naturally asked if she’d return, Fleur admitted: “I don’t think I personally would because I did it the first time in 2005 in a group and then in 2014.

“It went so well, it was so amazing.


“So a third time, I’d be pushing it a bit, wouldn’t I?”

Fleur’s single Favourite Things is out to download and stream now.