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X Factor 2018 results: Armstrong Martins denies his exit was a ‘fix’

X Factor contestant Armstrong Martins has denied his exit from the show was a ‘fix’.


The X Factor went live for the first time this year at the weakened with a ‘This Is Me theme’.

Two acts were eliminated in the X Factor 2018 results with Armstrong leaving alongside Olatunji Yearwood.

Olatunji was automatically sent home after he polled the fewest votes from viewers. Armstrong had faced Janice Robinson in the bottom two sing-off. After Janice and Armstrong sang again, the judges decided who to save with Simon Cowell, Ayda Williams and Robbie Williams all sending home Armstrong. Louis Tomlinson stood by his act and sent home Janice.

Following the live show, there were immediately claims of a ‘fix’ when Armstrong was spotted with an earpiece on before being announced as in the sing-off.

But he responded to the suggestion this week: Everybody from the front door to the back door had an earpiece on. You know that’s just how we communicate on a live show.”

He told The Sun newspaper: “There was no (in my ear) ‘Armstrong, guess what, you’re going home, it’s going to be alright though, this and this will happen.’


“There was no fix. Numbers don’t lie and it is against the law to fix it … it is not fixed.”

The sing-off outcome itself also caused anger with some viewers, as Simon chose to save Janice over Armstrong with his casting vote.

Armstrong however insisted he was “not gutted” by the result and understood the decision.

“Simon is a genius and Simon is a businessman, and so questioning what he does is not something that I’m going to do,” he said. “Whether there was a strategy or not, whether he had a motive in mind or not, it is his show. He runs the show.

“So it is what is more beneficial to the show, it’s not what’s beneficial to Armstrong.”

He concluded: “What’s important is what is important for the viewers … and I lost that battle because the other person is better.”


The X Factor 2018 is back this Saturday and Sunday night on ITV.

The next theme is ‘Guilty Pleasures’ and there will be performances from guest stars, former X Factor winners Little Mix and Kylie Minogue.