Will there be a The Tower series 3? Latest on the hit ITV1 drama


The Tower is back on ITV1 with its second series – and fans already want to know if there will be a third.

Police crime drama The Tower stars Gemma Whelan, Tahirah Sharif, Jimmy Akingbola and Emmett J Scanlan.

Written by acclaimed screenwriter Patrick Harbinson, the series is adapted from the novels by Kate London.

The Tower II Death Message trailer

The new second series has four episodes – but are more on the way?

Will The Tower return for series three?

Good news – ITV has officially confirmed a third series of The Tower and filming is already underway!

The new series – The Tower 3: Gallowstree Lane is based on Kate London’s third novel

Series creator Patrick Harbinson said: “We’re delighted to be filming a third series of The Tower. Damien and I are very grateful to Polly Hill and ITV for the early commission. Gallowstree Lane has a high-stakes drugs and gangs storyline with Jimmy and Emmett’s characters taking major roles.

“Sarah and Lizzie have gripping and heart-breaking stories too, as the drama of Portland Tower comes full circle. I firmly believe series three will be our best yet.”

Watch The Tower on TV and online

The Tower series two aired this week nightly from Monday, 28 August through to Thursday, 31 August at 9PM on ITV1.

Alternatively the full series is available to watch online via the ITVX website here where Series 1 is also available to watch on catchup.

What happens in The Tower series two?

The second series of is titled The Tower II: Death Message.

The series commences with Lizzie’s return to Farlow station. Tasked by her boss and former romantic partner, DI Kieran Shaw, Lizzie is teamed up with Arif Johar. Their inaugural assignment involves responding to a distress call related to a domestic violence incident. Mark Brannon stands accused of assaulting his girlfriend, Georgina Teel, and subjecting their young daughter, Skye, to terror.

Employing her skills, Lizzie encourages Georgina to bravely share the truth about Brannon’s abusive actions, culminating in the successful apprehension of the perpetrator by Lizzie and Arif. However, as the case progresses to the courtroom, unexpected challenges arise during Georgina’s testimony and subsequent cross-examination, leading to a tragic turn of events that casts a shadow of uncertainty over the case’s outcome. The narrative unfolds on a precipice, fraught with tension and unpredictability.

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