Why you can’t vote by text on UK TV shows

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From Strictly to I’m A Celebrity, Britain’s Got Talent to Love Island – UK TV shows no longer allow you to vote by text.

The reason why you can’t vote by text on British TV shows is that it cannot be guaranteed your vote will arrive in time. During busy times, such as when lots of people are voting on a TV show, the delivery of texts may be delayed.

While phone lines can also get busy, you will simply get an engaged tone and not be charged. With text (or SMS messages), your message would send but you would not know if there is any late delivery of your vote (causing it to not be registered).

The UK used to allow voting by text on most TV shows but it all changed with the 2007 British premium-rate phone-in scandals.

Ofcom, the UK’s communications regulator, enforces stringent rules to ensure fairness and transparency in TV voting. Complying with these regulations can be more challenging with text votes, particularly in ensuring accuracy and timeliness in counting votes.

Furthermore, the rise of smartphones and widespread internet access have made online and app-based voting not just feasible but preferable.

These platforms offer more than just voting; they provide interactive features that enhance viewer engagement, making the experience more enjoyable and interactive.

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