Who’s Scott on The Circle? Age, Instagram, and all about his nanna Dot persona!

All about Scott Paige on The Circle 2021

The Circle series 3 is currently airing on Channel 4 – meet new player Scott here!


Scott Paige is one of two new players who entered The Circle shortly after launch night.

30-year-old Scott is an actor from Manchester who will be playing as his 85-year-old nan, Dorothy, on the show.

Meet Scott – and his nan

Scott, who has appeared in stage shows such as Hairspray and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, reveals of his game plan: “I want to be The Circle nan. I want to be that person that everyone goes to for advice. I’m going to use her age as my secret weapon really, because when you’re in that environment you do miss your family.

Scott and his Nan
Scott and his Nan

“I know if I was going in there as myself and I saw an elderly woman who looks like my nan, I’d be drawn to her and want to keep her in because who doesn’t love a nan? Everybody loves a nan. She’s lived on this earth for 85 years so you would trust her and you would want to know about her. ”

Scott says his nan “loves” the idea of him going onto the show as her.

He explains: “She loves reality TV – Big Brother, I’m A Celebrity, we have phone calls when they would go on ad breaks to compare thoughts – we were obsessed! So, as soon as I said I want to be you she was like ‘oh my god’.


“At first, she thought I was going in, dressed in a wig with a cardy pretending to be her and I was like ‘no it’s not that sort of show!’ But I explained what The Circle is and she’s thrilled.

“Choosing the pictures of my nan was hard because photos of my nan were old fashioned polaroid ones so I didn’t have a lot to choose from. I went around and did a little photoshoot with her, she was absolutely loving it! She had four outfit choices, she’s so trendy as well, that’s one of the things I think is amazing about her, as soon as you think 85-year-old woman, you think stereotypically, purple rinse, glasses, little Zimmer frame but you know she’s so trendy and she’s so young at heart.”

Follow Scott on Instagram and TikTok

You can follow Scott on Instagram @scottpaigey where he has over 30,000 followers.

Scott is also on TikTok under the username @scottpaige and Twitter _ScottPaige.

Scott says of being on The Circle: “I’ve always been a fan of reality programmes. The Circle for me, as soon as I watched it, it was different from the rest. It’s all about character and personality and that’s right up my street. The money is amazing and if people ask me ‘are you in it to win it?’ well of course, because it’s a game and the chance to win that money is motivation enough, it’s a life changing amount of money. But also, I love The Circle so just a chance to be on the programme is why I’m doing it.”


The Circle 2021 is fronted by Emma Willis with features voiceover Sophie Willan.

The Circle airs on Channel 4 Sunday to Fridays . You can watch online via All 4.

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