Love Island 2023 results! One couple dumped after public vote

Last night's Love Island public vote results (26 July)

One couple has been dumped in the latest episode of Love Island 2023 after the public vote results.

In Wednesday’s show, Abi received an urgent text instructing all Islanders to gather around the fire pit immediately.

Once assembled, it was revealed the public had been voting for the most compatible couple among them. The stakes were high as the three couples with the least votes were unveiled, leaving them standing in front of the rest of the Islanders.

Abi receives a text
Love Island: SR10: Ep52 on ITV2 and ITVX. Pictured: Abi ©ITV Plc

A series of texts revealed the three couples with the fewest votes were Ella B & Mitchel, Molly & Zach and Abi & Scott.

The trio stood in front of the other Islander as a follow up text announced: “Only one couple will be going home tonight. T+hat decision will be made by your fellow islanders.”

The safe Islanders discussed which couple to dump before revealing they had chosen Abi & Scott. As a result, the pair left the villa.

Abi and Scott
Love Island: SR10: Ep52 on ITV2 and ITVX. Pictured: Abi and Scott ©ITV Plc

Elsewhere in this evening, the episode saw the fallout from The Grafties.

Lochan and Whitney were left frustrated following their exchange with Tyrique. Tyrique told Lochan: “I shouldn’t have spoken to her like that. I would like to apologize for coming at Whitney in front of you as that was disrespectful. As soon as I spoke to Whitney like that, I felt bad.”

Meanwhile, Ella B had questions for Mitch after watching a video of him expressing that he didn’t think the pair would work on the outside.

And later, Mitch and Scott had a conversation about their exchange during Mitch’s acceptance speech at The Grafties.

Also in yesterday’s episode, Abi and Scott put an end to their relationship, deciding to continue as a ‘friendship couple’.

Love Island 2023 continues nightly on ITV2 and ITVX. The live final airs on Monday, 31 July.

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