When is Death in Paradise next on? Latest episode delayed due to football

Why isn't Death in Paradise on TV toniht? (11 February)

Death in Paradise’s next episode won’t be on TV tonight (11 February) due to the football.


The FA Cup match between Barnsley and Chelsea is why Death in Paradise isn’t on tonight.

Instead the next episode of the BBC drama will air on Friday, 12 February at 9PM.

Episodes will return to their usual Thursday night slot from next week (18 February).

A synopsis for the latest episode shares: “After a rowdy stag do aboard The Midnight Rambler, the day ends in tragedy for the boat’s owner and grizzled fisherman, Skip Marsden (Sean Gilder). When he is found the next morning lying on the sand at Benoit Bay with a harpoon through his chest, suspicion falls upon the four friends, but as their boat never moved all night, how could any of them have done it?

“Members of the stag party, Hugo Pickford (Hugh Coles), Jamie Chen (Colin Ryan) Ollie Gordon (Buom Tihngang) and Finlay McEwan (Lewis Reeves) are noticeably tense and prove to be difficult, unhelpful witnesses. With the clock ticking before the four are allowed to leave the island, will DI Neville Parker (Ralf Little) crack the case?

“After initial investigations the evidence suggests this was a drugs smuggling job that went wrong. But who was the mystery girl getting too close for comfort to the groom? Can DI Parker solve the case with the help of Skip’s dead dog, Nelson?

“Back at the police station JP (Tobi Bakare) has reassured the Commissioner (Don Warrington) that Marlon (Tahj Miles) is a changed man and has great potential. Will Marlon become a permanent member of the team? And where does JP’s future lie?


“Meanwhile Florence (Josephiné Jobert) tries to persuade DI Parker to swim in the sea, believing him to be afraid of the water. However, DI Parker has convinced himself he needs to keep a professional distance but is running out of excuses. But when their swimming session is postponed due to a storm, they decide to spend quality time together instead…”

You can catch up on the latest episodes online via the BBC iPlayer here.