Waterloo Road new series start date confirmed for BBC One

Waterloo Road returns with its new series in 2024, the third since its relaunch last year.

The continuing drama originally aired on BBC One between 2006 and 2015 set in a comprehensive school.

A brand new revival was announced in 2022, set and made in Greater Manchester, featuring both new and returning cast.

After first premiering earlier this year, new episodes of the rebooted series are now on their way.

When is Waterloo Road back on TV?

The new series of Waterloo Road will return on BBC One form Tuesday, 2 January 2024 at 8PM.

Alternatively, the full series of eight episodes will be available to watch online on BBC iPlayer from the same day.

Waterloo Road first look: Angela Griffin (Kim Campbell)

For now, past episodes of the rebooted series are available to watch online via the BBC iPlayer here.

Meanwhile the original ten series of Waterloo road are available to watch on BBC iPlayer here.

Waterloo Road spoilers

The upcoming season of the series will delve deeper into contemporary issues that resonate with teenagers, their families, and school faculty, maintaining Waterloo Road’s signature blend of incisive storytelling, warmth, and humour.

The arrival of a group of persistent truants at Waterloo Road threatens to disrupt the school’s tranquillity. In the midst of this delicate situation, Headteacher Kim Campbell and her staff are faced with the daunting task of maintaining order and preventing the school from descending into chaos.

Libby, unexpectedly returning to Manchester to stay with her father, History Head Neil Guthrie, is far from the ideal teacher’s aide. Meanwhile, the arrival of the new student ‘Schuey’ is anything but smooth, particularly for one unsuspecting teacher. However, there might be more to Schuey than his initial troublemaking suggests.

Kim Campbell finds herself still influenced by Andrew Treneman, while certain faculty members struggle to keep their professional and personal lives separate.

The storyline also explores Preston’s difficulties in readjusting to school, while the relationship between Kelly-Jo and Dean faces its greatest challenge yet.

Waterloo Road first look:  Preston and Kai share a kiss at school

Who’s on the cast?

The cast for the new series features returning faces Angela Griffin (Kim Campbell), Kym Marsh (Nicky Walters) and Adam Thomas (Donte Charles) with Jamie Glover also returning return as Andrew Treneman from the original series.

The upcoming series will introduce new students Libby Guthrie (Hattie Dynevor), Stace Neville (Tillie Armartey), Lee Schumacher ‘Schuey’ Weever (Zak Sutcliffe), Portia Weever (Maisey Robinson) and Mollie ‘Mog’ Robinson (Aabay Noor Ali).

Meanwhile further returning adult cast include Vincent Jerome (indon King), James Baxter (Joe Casey), Jo Coffey (Wendy Whitwell), Shauna Shim (Valerie Chambers), Neil Fitzmaurice Rachel Leskovac (Coral Walker), Katherine Pearce (Amy Spratt), Ryan Clayton (Mike Rutherford) and Sonia Ibrahim (Jamilah Omar).

And returning pupils are Adam Ali (Kai Sharif), Chiamaka (ChiChi) Ulebor (Shola Aku), Inathi Rozani (Zayne Jackson) Liam Scholes (Noel McManus), Lucy Eleanor Begg (Caz Williams), Priyasasha Kumari (Samia Choudhry), Summer Violet Bird (Tonya Walters) and Thapelo Ray (Dwayne Jackson).

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