Watch Britain’s Got More Talent trailer featuring a host of familiar faces

Britain’s Got More Talent has dropped an all new, all brilliant opener for this year’s series.

Last week saw ITV confirm that the main series of Britain’s Got Talent could be back this Saturday, April 6 at 7:15PM with its first auditions.

And that means that More Talent is also back!

The spin-off show returns to our screens this week straight after the main show, airing on (Saturday 6th April at 8.40pm) on ITV2.

In this new trailer, Stephen’s got a lot to shout about in this year’s series opener.

Stephen explains: “Well, we’re riding on it being the 13th year so our song is called ‘I’m more unlucky!’.

“There are lyrics like, ‘Alesha can’t decide what top, Amanda’s hair is all over the shop. There’s too much milk in Simon’s tea and David needs a really big wee!’

“It goes on and on, as the song gets bigger and bigger everything goes wrong.”

Alongside judges David Walliams, Simon Cowell, Alesha Dixon and Amanda Holden, there are appearances from some of BGT’s most iconic acts.

And a few more familiar faces…

Meanwhile, Stephen has been teasing what’s to come from this year’s More Talent.

He revealed: “We had an arm wrestle competition. You just don’t realise the strength of David Walliams. He’s like a big friendly giant. We got all the judges to wrestle against each other and Ant and Dec.

“They are very competitive but nobody could beat David. He’s like a big strong bear. Then, he went to Dec and said, ‘Can I hold you up by your feet?’ Dec was going, ‘Absolutely not, no!’, anyway, like a tiger in a pen I was holding a chair so he couldn’t run away, everyone bombarded Dec and David literally grabbed his feet and picked him up like a rag doll.”

Stephen added: “We played a game of Mr and Mr with Simon and David and some of the revelations on that are just incredible. So we asked them about the most irritating things they do, the final question was, ‘will all the same team be back together again next year’?

“And Simon actually wrote down on his board that yes, all the gang will be back together. But do you know what David’s response was? Only for more money! He’s holding out for a pay rise!”

Britain’s Got More Talent returns Saturday 6th April at 8.40pm on ITV2