Watch Bradley and Barney face volcanoes and glaciers in Breaking Dad Christmas special

Bradley and Barney Walsh return this Christmas for a festive special of Breaking Dad .

Bradley and Barney Walsh will be up to snow good as they take their famous RV across the sea to the magical island of Iceland for the bumper Christmas episode of their father and son travel show.

The Walsh boys will be seen testing themselves to frosty new limits in the country of volcanoes, glaciers and breath-taking landscapes, finding Christmas joy and terrifying challenges in equal measure.

By the end of all their festive frolics, will they discover the most valuable Christmas experience is spending time with the people we love, or will they be left bickering about their frostbite?

In this first look clip, Brad watches in horror as his son Barney attempts to climb a glacier in Iceland.

Bradley and Barney Walsh: Breaking Dad at Christmas is on Christmas Eve at 9PM on ITV and ITV Hub.

Speaking about the special, Bradley says: “We are thrilled to be doing a Breaking Dad Christmas special together for the first time. We love making this show so much and it will be a joy to bring some extra festive fun for this programme. It’s going to be a magical winter wonderland. And hopefully Barney will let me take my slippers…”

Barney adds: “I love Christmas and taking a festive trip together to explore a country I’ve never been to before, was such a brilliant opportunity. We are excited about the new main series coming soon in 2022, but filming a Christmas special is going to be extra special – the icing on the Christmas cake! I can’t wait.”

Bradley continues: “We are off to Iceland, because it’s got to be the ultimate Christmas destination, hasn’t it? Snow, beautiful icy landscapes, getting wrapped up and keeping warm with hot chocolate in the RV? We all know that’s why dads go to Iceland!”

Barney says: “I don’t want to give too much away, but I think snowmobiling will be amazing – across the snowy plains of Iceland. Incredible! We need to check out the geothermal pools. And maybe a spot of ice climbing on a glacier?”