Undercover Girlfriends 2019 cast, spoilers and how to watch online

Undercover Girlfriends season 2 cast and air date

Undercover Girlfriends is back for 2019! When does it air and who’s on the cast? Here’s all you need to know…

Undercover Girlfriends is Channel 5’s reality show which allows girlfriends to secretly spy on their partners.

The boys have signed up for a VIP holiday which they think is being filmed for a TV series to see how their relationships cope with time apart.

But the girlfriends are going undercover on the same holiday to find out everything that happens.

They’ll be secretly living next door, spying, listening and controlling everything their boyfriends do.

Will the lads behave will the girls get rumbled and will going undercover give the girlfriends answers or even bigger questions?

Undercover Girlfriends air date and watch online

Undercover Girlfriends 2019 airs at 10PM on Channel 5 from Monday, October 28.

The series will air nightly across the week at 10PM.

You can catch up on episodes from the new series, plus watch the entire first series online via the My5 player.


Undercover Girlfriends 2019 cast

Five couples have signed up for season 2 of Undercover Girlfriends on Channel 5 – meet the cast (and their Instagram usernames) below…

Steph Bush and Aaron Fowkes
Instagram usernames: @stephbushx @aaron_fowkes

Ines Brinca and Matthew Fleet
Instagram usernames: @matthew_fleet @inesbrinca

Ellie Browne and Saeen
Instagram usernames: @elliebrowne_x @saeen23

Chantal Blakey and Joe Kyles
Instagram usernames: @chantalblakeyx @joe_kyles

Sophie Wall and Ben Uzokwe
Instagram usernames: @sophiewalll @benji_platform


Undercover Girlfriends season 2 spoilers

Undercover Girlfriends sees ladies secretly spying on their partners who think they are taking part in a reality TV show in the Greek island of Rhodes.

In the fifth and final episode tonight, the girls Ines, Sophie, Steph, Chantal and Ellie finally come clean to their respective partners Matthew, Ben, Joe, Aaron and Saeen.

The women confront their partners one-on-one after having meticulously planned their final showdowns, with the others watching on as each face-off with a shocked boyfriend occurs. Some couples are happily reunited after time apart but for others, things end on a different page altogether…

You can watch a first trailer in the video below…

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