UK get zero points from viewers in Eurovision 2024 results

Olly Alexander backstage

The Eurovision 2024 results are in but where did the UK entry finish tonight?


This year saw the Eurovision Song Contest hosted in Malmo, Sweden following their victory in Liverpool last year when the United Kingdom hosted the show on behalf of Ukraine.

Olly Alexander represented the UK with his track Dizzy. He finished last in 18th spot (out of 25) tonight with a total of 46 points.

All of Olly’s points came from the juries of the 37 countries involved with ZERO points from viewers across Europe (and Australia and the Rest Of The World), leaving him on the right hand side of the leaderboard.

However Olly did improve on last year’s performance where Mae Muller finished second from last.

In 2022, Sam Ryder finished in second place with his song Space Man.

> See the Eurovision 2024 scoreboard in full.


The winner of the competition was Switzerland, who scored a total of 591 points from juries and viewers.

Nemo and their song The Code took the victory after amassing over 300 points from juries and a further 200 points from viewers.

Croatia finished as runners up with 547 points while Ukraine came close to another win, completing the top three with 453 points.

Meanwhile Norway were the unlucky country to come last with a total of 16 points – although they at least did secure support from viewers.

Joanna Lumley was our spokesperson, delivering the UK’s jury results live in Sweden, with 12 points going to Portugal.


Viewers in the UK awarded 12 points to Israel with Ireland, Lithuania, Croatia, Ukraine, Switzerland, Latvia, Finland, France and Greece also making the top 10.

The Eurovision Song Contest will return next year. The show is broadcast live on the BBC in the UK.

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