Tonight’s Love Island All Stars spoilers (21 January)

Liberty on tonight's Love Island

Here’s a look ahead to tonight’s latest episode of Love Island.

In an unexpected twist, Arabella made a sensational entrance at the Hideaway terrace at the end of Friday’s episode, hosting an exclusive afterparty for the boys

Away from the prying eyes of the girls, Arabella wasted no time in delving into the current coupling dynamics, eager to discover who was still on the market.

Arabella makes her entrance

The atmosphere intensified as Arabella turned her attention to Toby. Her direct question, “Are you a little bit shocked to see me?” was met with a nervous chuckle from Toby.

Callum, sensing the undercurrents, probed into their history.

Arabella says: “Yeah…there is a bit of history. It was like a year ago and then I met my ex. It then fizzled out because I was in a relationship.”

Meanwhile, Callum and Molly’s reunion continues to be fraught with uncertainty. Despite Molly choosing to recouple with him, Callum feels the effort in their relationship is one-sided.

Molly says: “I feel like it’s been left very much in limbo, we’ll see won’t we. I’ve said if a girl comes in I want you to crack on…that’s what you need to be doing…”

Callum replies: “The thing is, we are in a couple and we should be trying together equally as much…do you not want to try and make it work? It’s just a bit confusing…”

Elsewhere, Liberty, feeling increasingly disillusioned since the recoupling, questions Mitch’s commitment.

Mitch in the garden

Despite picking him, she feels undervalued and overlooked.

Liberty says: “What has he actually done to prove to me that I am plan A? What has he done to prove to me that he’s grateful to me for picking him in the recoupling? Nothing.”

Callum says: “I think you should put him in his place you know.”

Further complicating matters, Demi shares with Liberty that Mitch had also assured her of being his top choice just days earlier. Kaz’s observation that Mitch seems to be playing a double game only fuels Liberty’s determination not to be trifled with.

As Liberty heads to confront Mitch, with Demi anxiously watching, it seems the stage is set for a dramatic showdown.

Love Island airs tonight at 9PM on ITV1 and ITVX.

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