Tonight’s Big Brother spoilers – eviction reaction, secret task, food wars


Here’s a spoiler-filled look at what happens in tonight’s episode (15 October) of Big Brother UK.

With no show on Saturday night, this evening’s highlights pick up from the aftermath of Farida’s eviction on Friday.

The housemates’ reactions to Farida’s eviction are mixed. Some immediately offer comfort to Kerry upon receiving the news from AJ and Will, leaving a few other housemates frustrated.

big brother Farida

Trish shares her thoughts with Noky and Zak, expressing her view on the situation, saying, “She’s allowed to celebrate, but everyone should have gone to her [Farida].”

Noky chimes in, urging everyone to have more grace in such situations.

Shortly after, Trish discusses her feelings with Kerry and Olivia.

Kerry replies: “I was just crying. I didn’t know what was going on.”

Olivia added: “My alliance or allegiance lies with Kerry ultimately. Not because of any feelings towards Farida but I’m close to Kerry.”

Chanelle gets a secret mission

Elsewhere tonight, Chanelle receives a secret mission from Big Brother in the Diary Room. She is tasked with giving her housemates backhanded compliments while wearing a hidden earpiece. If successful, she stands to win a jar of sweets for herself and the house.

big brother chanelle diary room

Chanelle embarks on her mission, slyly complimenting various housemates with backhanded remarks about Kerry’s jumper, Matty’s hat, Jenkin’s accent, Jordan’s smile, and Dylan’s hairdressing skills.

The mission is set to test her skills at delivering subtly insulting compliments, but will she triumph, and how will her housemates react to her backhanded remarks?

Food wars

Later, there are arguments over dinner over the food situation in the house.

Speaking with Jenkin, Kerry and Chanelle, Paul complains about some of the other housemates: “Let’s not f**king be blind to it, there are groups forming. They’re not going to give a s**t because they will back each other and cook for each other.

“Now you know who I mean They don’t give a f**k, let’s be honest.”

Also tonight, Noky is called to the Diary Room and discovers family photos awaiting the housemates, leading to tears.

Big Brother airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2 and ITVX.

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