Big Brother housemates in tears after surprise arrival

There are tears in the Big Brother house tonight after a surprise arrival in the Diary Room.

The new series of BBUK continues this evening on ITV2 and ITVX, fresh from Friday’s live eviction.

Before entering the house, each housemate was given the opportunity to pick one personal photo to have with them during their stay.

Big Brother paul

In this evening’s episode, Noky is summoned to the Diary Room and quickly notices that family photos belonging to the housemates are placed on the chair.

Overwhelmed, Noky exclaims, “Oh my God. Thank you so much!”

Returning to the lounge, Noky gathers the rest of the housemates, requesting: “I need to get everyone in here. Can everyone please gather in the lounge? I’ve been asked to bring you all.”

The confusion from the other housemates soon turns to joy as she announces: “We’re going to take turns talking about the people in these photos.”

Each housemate shares heartfelt stories about their family members and loved ones, leading to emotional moments.

Tirsh speaks about a photo of her late father while Hallie shares a picture of her sister.

Big Brother group

However, Jordan reveals he has taken a unique approach to the opportunty.

When discussing his photo, he explains: “When they asked me to provide a photograph of loved ones, I didn’t want to.

“They said I could provide a photo of myself, and although I was tempted, I instead shared a picture of a place I love – it’s in Seville.”

Elsewhere in tonight’s Big Brother, the housemates react to Farida’s eviction.

Farida became the first housemate to leave this year’s series last Friday night in a vote-off against Kerry.

big brother Farida

And Trish is left unhappy with the reaction to the result from some housemates.

She complains: “I did think it was a bit sad that someone is leaving but everyone rushed to [Kerry].”

Big Brother continues nightly at 9PM on ITV2 and ITVX.

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