Tonight’s Big Brother spoilers as housemate is voted off in shock eviction

Here’s a spoiler-filled look at tonight’s Big Brother as one housemate is voted-off in a surprise eviction.

Noky and Trish, after their killer nominations, are left grappling with a whirlwind of emotions and a house in turmoil on tonight’s explosive episode of Big Brother.

In a suspenseful turn of events in the early hours, the duo secretly nominated Olivia, Kerry, and Dylan for eviction.

Olivia and Noky on Big Brother

When Jordan later confronts Trish about her midnight wanderings, she deftly deflects, citing she was consoling a fellow housemate.

“I’m a bit shooketh,” Trish later tells Big Brother in the Diary Room. “Jordan saw me leaving and was asking me if I was locked outside the bedroom, and then I let it slip out that I was helping someone else.

“I’m a bit scared that when you guys announce this nomination he will put two and two together and get four, and then I am finished.”

However Trish remains steadfast in her choices: “In regards to Olivia, it’s getting a bit boring watching her find humour in humiliating people.”

But struggling with the weight of her decisions, Noky admits to Big Brother: “Big Brother I can’t deal with this anymore. I feel ill. I’ve had about four nervous poos today.”

Later, Olivia, Dylan, and Kerry are informed of their nomination in Big Brother’s eerie Room 101 and are told that they’ve been nominated by two ‘possessed’ housemates.

The mystery unravels as Big Brother unveils that Noky and Trish are the culprits. Olivia, stunned by the revelation, reacts: “I definitely share a bed with one of these people so I’m quite shocked that they would choose me”


The subsequent eviction takes a chilling turn as the evicted housemate departs through a coffin in Room 101. The remaining housemates grapple with the aftermath. Words fly, and accusations are thrown.

Noky, amidst the brewing storm, says, “I just want to stay silent.”

Who will be the fourth evictee, and how will the house dynamics change after these revelations?

Tune in to Big Brother at 9PM tonight on ITV2 and ITVX.

The evictee will then chat on Big Brother: Late & Live with host Will Best from 10PM.

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