Tonight’s Big Brother spoilers as face to face nominations rock the house

Face to face nominations and an apparent triple eviction rock the Big Brother house in tonight’s show.


This week, the intense competition in the Big Brother house reaches a climax as one contestant will be declared the winner.

However, not everyone will reach the final stage and tonight it’s time for direct, face-to-face nominations.

Noky on Big Brother

Each contestant will take a turn to stand and announce their two nominations to the group. The three contestants receiving the most nominations will be at risk of leaving the show.

In a dramatic twist, Big Brother announces to the three at-risk contestants that they are evicted immediately and must exit through the diary room.

However, in a further twist, Big Brother reveals that they are not actually evicted. Instead, they are to stay in a hidden spare room.


From this secret room, the ‘evicted’ contestants are informed by Big Brother that the public will vote to evict two of them. Only one will remain in the competition. The surviving contestant will then rejoin the main house.

While secluded in the spare room, they are given the ability to observe their fellow contestants.

Big Brother says: “Big Brother sees it all, and now, so do you.”

Elsewhere in tonight’s highlights, in today’s task, the Big Brother house is transformed into Big Brother’s Academy and the housemates are going back to school.

Ms. Noky has been appointed Deputy Head Teacher with the responsibility of disciplining the students when they misbehave. Mr. Henry and Mr. Jordan have been appointed Head of Departments; the rest of the housemates are students.

Following the task, Jenkin speaks to Big Brother in the diary room and says: “I think Jordan’s playing the biggest game, that’s a given. And I think, is Henry a pawn in your game or do you have feelings because I don’t know…


“I don’t trust it fully and that makes me sad cause I know that Henry has these feelings, but I just hope Jordan isn’t just taking his for a ride as a guaranteed ticket to getting to the final, if that makes sense.”

Big Brother continues tonight at 9PM on ITV1 and ITVX.

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