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This Morning interviews a ‘ghost’ live on air and viewers can’t cope

This Morning interviewed a ‘ghost’ live on TV today in one of its strangest scenes yet.


For the Halloween special, hosts Phillip Schofield and Rochelle Humes welcomed Amethyst Realm to the sofa.

She told the duo of her recent engagement to a ghost named Ray, who joined her on the show.

“As of last weekend, I am engaged to be married to a ghost,” Amethyst explained. “He’s a spirit I met out in Australia at the start of this year. I don’t know much about his past, but it feels very ancient, very wise.

“He seems to travel, which is rare for spirits. He asked me to hang back from the rest of the tour group and proposed to me. “It was the first time I’d ever properly heard his voice.

“It sounded like it was echoing throughout the whole cave. He said ‘will you marry me?’


“It’s difficult to explain.”

As if that wasn’t bizarre enough, Phillip then turned to Ray to ask: “What was it about Amethyst that made you fall in love?”

Unsurprisingly, there was no reply.

But Amethyst went on to say she was planning the wedding – and even ghost babies.

“I don’t want to scare him off by talking about it too much,” she said. “But maybe, yes.”

The scene left viewers at home in hysterics.

“I’m howling ??? no way did the camera pan onto the empty space next to her on the sofa ??? #ThisMorning,” one tweeted.

A second wrote: “Watching TV in a hospital reception and I have no idea what on earth #ThisMorning is doing”

A third added: “I try to keep myself open minded and absolutely everyone to their own but is this lady who’s engaged to ghost joking? #thismorning”


And a fourth concluded: “Only in Britain. #ThisMorning”

This Morning airs on ITV weekdays at 10:30AM.

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