This is MY House trailer, start date and all about BBC’s new show

BBC has revealed a first look at new show This is MY House.


Each episode will see four people all claim to be the same person and all own the same house. The catch, three of them are actors. At stake is a cash prize, all the real homeowner has to do to win, is tell the truth.

Hosted by Stacey Dooley, This Is MY House promises plenty of laugh out loud moments as each of the four opponents tries to prove that they are the real deal. It’s a fun show that challenges our prejudices and asks a simple question. Can the truth win?

Explains Stacey: “We go into people’s houses, where there are three imposters and one genuine homeowner, and our celebrity panel have to figure out who really lives there. If they guess correctly, the homeowner wins £1,000 but if an imposter convinces them, the homeowner goes home with nothing.

“It’s really daft and fun, it’s total escapism! I thoroughly enjoyed it and I think people will enjoy playing along at home.”

Making up the celebrity panel is Bill Bailey, Emily Atack, Jamali Maddix and Judi Love, who will be joined by a guest panellist each week.

Together they will sort the fact from the fiction, and ultimately decide who they think is telling the truth. If they guess correctly, the honest homeowner will win a cash prize.


This is MY House is a fresh modern show like no other, with a guessing game that will keep everyone playing along from their own homes.

This is MY House starts on Wednesday, 24 March at 9PM on BBC One and will also be available on BBC iPlayer.