The Traitors UK recap and spoilers (Episode 9, 19 January)

Harry on Traitors

Here’s what went down in Friday night’s eventful episode of The Traitors.


Tonight’s episode continued as the Traitors decided their next target as it was revealed they had chosen to eliminate Charlie.

The next day at breakfast and the result saw accusations thrown around before Claudia interrupted with news of the next challenge.

In a I’m A Celebrity style mission, the group had to try to win gold coins by crawling through a muddy tunnel filled with bugs. Each gold coin successfully retrieved won the group ore money towards the prize fund.

During the game, Traitor Harry won a shield but kept it a secret from all but Mollie.

Charlotte The Traitors

At the next round table, the group turned on Charlotte who became the latest contestant to be banished. Standing up before the others, Charlotte revealed she was a Faithful.


The two remaining Traitors Harry and Andrew then had to decide if they wanted to murder another contestant or try to recruit another traitor.

Harry revealed his shield to Andrew as the pair planned to recruit and cover it up by making out the Traitors had attempted to eliminate Harry.

Ross was the Faithful who received a letter inviting him to join the Traitors and accepted, meeting Andrew and Harry.

“You two crafty b*****ds!” he reacted, before quizzing them on why they had chosen to eliminate his mum Diane.

“I will take revenge, if I’ve got the opportunity, they’re getting it,” Ross later told the camera privately.

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The Traitors airs Wednesday – Friday nights at 9PM on BBC One.

Next week, with the game entering its final quarter, a secret shield leads to an explosive breakfast. As the players attempt to not get trapped in today’s mission, the remaining Traitors are also hoping they aren’t caught at the Round Table. But will they prevail at such a key stage in the game?

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