The Masked Singer stars reveal all about life in those costumes

The stars of The Masked Singer have spilled all on life in those incredible costumes.


Warning: This article contains spoilers from the first and second series of The Masked Singer UK up to 5 February 2021.

As The Masked Singer continues its second season on ITV, those who have been unmasked have spoken about singing behind those incredible costumes.

Series 1 saw Queen Bee crowned winner, unmasked as Girls Aloud star Nicola Roberts.

nicola roberts
Nicola Roberts as Queen Bee

In an interview with the Daily Mirror newspaper about her time on the show, Nicola admitted she struggled during filming and not only while in her costume

“It could be claustrophobic at times. The mask was so hot and you’re really just breathing in your own carbonated air, which was the worst part,” she recalled. “Keeping myself under a mask throughout filming was really frustrating at times.

“Even out of costume I was in a balaclava, hoodie, mask and gloves.


“Not being able to open the window in the dressing room, out of fear a member of crew might see in, was really hard.”

Nicola as Queen Bee beat Hedgehog in the 2020 final, who was revealed as comedian and actor Jason Manford.

Speaking about his costume, Jason shared: “I had a backpack on as well, which had all the spikes. Between takes it was often held by two people because it was so heavy.

“It was like carrying a 14-year-old on your back.”

He added: “The detail of the mask was wonderful – the little monocle and cravat. I want to keep it for all fancy-dress parties ever.”

Jason Manford as Hedgehog
Jason Manford as Hedgehog
octopus katherine jenkins
Katherine Jenkins as Octopus

Finishing in third was Octopus, unveiled as classical singer Katherine Jenkins.

“I struggled physically because the costume was one of the heaviest so dancing became quite the workout,” she spilled. “Eventually the team had the genius idea to help me by adding wheels.


“Suddenly I was floating and spinning like a Dalek.”

Meanwhile this year’s show saw Sir Lenny Henry revealed as Blob.

“Being in the Blob costume was tricky because it was really heavy so adjustments had to be made to make it lighter,” he said of his costume. “It was on wheels, so I had to move in a particular way and I had eyeballs on the ends of my arms so I had to be a puppeteer too and make him come alive, despite all the blobby bits and pieces.”

Also unmasked in season 2 was actor and comedian John Thomson who performed as Bush Baby.

Sir Lenny Henry.
Sir Lenny Henry as Blob
John Thomson
John Thomson

Describing how the heat in his costume was “unbearable”, John said of performing on the show: “It’s a very strange experience, basically total sensory deprivation. I found the whole experience very odd and unlike anything I’ve ever done before. The heat inside the costume was unbearable.


The Masked Singer UK continues Saturday nights on ITV.

The latest episode airs 7PM on 6 February as two more acts are unmasked ahead of next weekend’s final.