Sir Lenny Henry reveals all about The Masked Singer after performing as Blob


Sir Lenny Henry has spilled all about his time on The Masked Singer.

The new series of The Masked Singer continued on Saturday on ITV and actor, comedian and TV personality Sir Lenny Henry was the latest singer to be unmasked as Blob.

The sixth show saw the top seven characters performing again as Robin, Badger, Viking, Blob, Dragon, Sausage and Harlequin all took to the stage.

After all had performed, it was Dragon and Blob that found themselves in the danger zone with Blob the next character to ‘take it off,’ revealing Lenny.

Sir Lenny Henry.
Sir Lenny Henry.

Speaking about signing up for the show, Lenny said: “I just wanted to have fun incognito.

“Also, singing is a whole thing with me, always imitated and I didn’t realise how important it was until I made my album New Millennium Blues with Chris Porter and Jakko Jakszyk from King Crimson a couple years ago. I love music and I love making music.”

He revealed it was “very hard” to keep the show a secret, saying: “I’ve had so many emails since the show began from the most unlikely people asking if I’m Blob.

“It’s been hilarious. Comedian Romesh Ranganathan, Jakko Jakszyk, who has stood next to me singing, emailed me and said ‘izzat you?’ It’s really funny.”

Talking about his Blob costume, Lenny continued: “I can’t say that I’d wear the outfit to the BAFTAs (if we ever have them again) but it was fun. I looked like a melted candle with eyeballs, the character was lively and fun.

Sir Lenny Henry.
Sir Lenny Henry.

“I think kids seemed to like him. I just hope it’s not the picture they use in my obituary, ’Blob dies!’ aggghhh.”

He went on: “The singing coaches were incredibly supportive throughout, they know it’s weird singing behind a mask so they do everything they can leading up to the programme to make you feel confident and relaxed.

“Being in the Blob costume was tricky because it was really heavy so adjustments had to be made to make it lighter.

“It was on wheels, so I had to move in a particular way and I had eyeballs on the ends of my arms so I had to be a puppeteer too and make him come alive, despite all the blobby bits and pieces.”

Davina Mcall correctly guessed Blob’s identity but other guesses from the panel included Stephen Fry and even Morgan Freeman.


“Rita Ora said nice things about my voice and Mo Gilligan was very cool indeed. I’m chuffed I got as far as I did,” added Lenny.

The Masked Singer airs on ITV on Saturdays at 7PM.

Picture: ITV