The Masked Singer spoilers: Who has been revealed – ALL 2021 contestants unmasked!

The Masked Singer UK 2021: Who's behind the mask?

Here’s a recap of all the contestants who have been unmasked on The Masked Singer UK 2021 – SPOILERS!

The Masked Singer UK is the show where celebrities put on show-stopping musical performances… all while keeping their identity a secret.

A studio audience and panel rank the performances while also trying to figure out who is behind the mask.

After the final, here’s a full recap of who’s been unmasked on series 2 of The Masked Singer…

The Masked Singer UK 2021 contestants revealed

Alien – Sophie Ellis-Bextor

alien the masked singer

At the end of the opening show, it was revealed that the identity of Alien was singer Sophie Ellis-Bextor.

Speaking about signing up, Sophie said: “I love a challenge and why not do it dressed as an extraterrestrial?!” Joking about keeping the show a secret, she added: “Well it turns out most of my friends and family don’t ask me much about my job after all! It was only down to my own willpower after that.”

Meanwhile, Sophie said of leaving: “I left first so I felt like a gymnast who had a cool routine with jumps and twists, who then left after their first comedy somersault. But it’s cool – I do my flips and jumps better with my own head on.”


Seahorse – Mel B

mel b the masked singer
Seahorse is MEL B

At the end of the second show, it was revealed that the identity of Seahorse was Spice Girl Mel B.

Speaking about the show, Mel B said: “In a time when there is an awful lot to be worried about, it’s even more important to lift people’s spirits with a show that is just fun, crazy, over the top and completely bonkers so it felt like something I should do.

“Plus, I wanted to challenge myself to see if I could actually disguise my singing voice which people have known for 25 years. I lived in America for 15 years and never lost my Yorkshire accent so I wondered how hard it would be to come up with a way of singing where no-one would know it was me.”


Swan – Martine McCutcheon

Martine McCutcheon is Swan.

At the end of the third show, it was revealed that the identity of Swan was Martine McCutcheon.

Speaking about the show, Martine said: “After lockdown I missed performing live and I thought it would be fun to perform in disguise. It’s liberating to take on a whole new persona.”

She continued: “The whole team was incredible. The voice coaches, amazing choreographers, dancers and the outfits felt so exciting. They don’t make many shows like this anymore and there are all these performers dying to entertain with some stardust and glitter.

“This show definitely gives you that and I think we need it more than ever. I was so happy to have been asked to take part in something so huge and exciting!”


Grandfather Clock – Glenn Hoddle

Glenn Hoddle
Grandfather Clock is GLENN HODDLE.

At the end of the fourth show, it was revealed that the identity of Grandfather Clock was former Swindon & England footballer and manager Glenn Hoddle.

Speaking about the show, Glenn said: “I’ve always had a passion for singing and I wanted to give it a go (again). When this came along which was too good to say no to.”

Describing filming as “very surreal”, he continued: “Walking around and not being able to say thank you to someone if they held a door open or hi as you walk past someone in the corridor. I’ve never experienced anything like this before and not sure I will again.”

And Glenn added of his costume: “Amazing! The attention to detail was fantastic and couldn’t believe the how good it was. It was a little restrictive, so I wasn’t able to move as freely as I would have liked for a song or two but it was amazing.”


Bushbaby – John Thomson

Bushbaby is JOHN THOMSON
Bushbaby is JOHN THOMSON

At the end of the fifth show, it was revealed that the identity of Bushbaby was comedian and actor John Thomson.

Speaking about the show, John said: “I decided to take on the challenge because I’d originally been asked the year before but I was in the middle of filming Cold Feet. So, when the opportunity arose again, I decided to go for it.”

He continued: “It was quite hard to keep a secret, the only people who knew where my partner, my ex-wife and my agent who booked me on the show. In regards to explaining trips to London, I just pretended it was for existing work that I already did.

“Secrecy when filming was major, we were picked up by the driver who had signed an NDA and as we drew closer to the studio we had to don a mask, gloves and a sweatshirt with don’t speak to me on it so nobody could guess our identity. Trips from the dressing room to studio also incorporated full disguise.”


Viking – Morten Harket


At the end of the sixth show, it was revealed that the identity of Viking was A-ha singer Morten Harket.

Morten said of joining the show: I was meant to be busy during the period in question when invited to join The Masked Singer. The pandemic cleared the majority of activities off the calendar and suddenly the door opened for other types of requests.

“When asked, I liked the idea of exposing myself to the insecurity of its confines knowing I would hate that.”


Blob – Sir Lenny Henry


At the end of the sixth show, it was revealed that the identity of Blob was actor, comedian and TV personality Sir Lenny Henry.

Speaking about signing up for the show, Sir Lenny said: “I just wanted to have fun incognito. Also, singing is a whole thing with me, always imitated and I didn’t realise how important it was until I made my album New Millennium Blues with Chris Porter and Jakko Jakszyk from King Crimson a couple years ago. I love music and I love making music.”

He added: “I’ve had so many emails since the show began from the most unlikely people asking if I’m Blob. It’s been hilarious. Comedian Romesh Ranganathan, Jakko Jakszyk, who has stood next to me singing, emailed me and said ‘izzat you?’ It’s really funny.”


Dragon – Sue Perkins

Dragon is Sue Perkins

In the semi-final it was revealed that the identity of Dragon was comedian and presenter Sue Perkins.

Sue said of signing up: “It just felt so utterly counter-intuitive that I had to do it. I’m usually up a mountain or down a river these days – so I’m probably the last person that anyone would think of in a musical entertainment context. I got an awful lot of joy out of hoodwinking the panel. ”

The former Bake Off host added: “I was so chuffed with Dragon. The suit was a little uncomfortable at first, but the incredible team of costume designers worked on it so that it ended up fitting like a big, scaly glove.”


Harlequin – Gabrielle

Harlequin is Gabrielle
Harlequin is GABRIELLE

In the semi-final it was revealed that the identity of Harlequin was singer-songwriter Gabrielle.

After her reveal, Gabrielle said: “It was an opportunity to do something I never thought I would, I say no thank you to a lot of TV shows that just aren’t me but this was about singing and me pushing myself.

“This last year has been so crazy so why not making it even more crazy by singing night after night dressed as a Harlequin.”


Robin – Aston Merrygold


In the final, Robin finished in third place and was unmasked as JLS singer Aston Merrygold.

Aston said: “I love singing! So what better challenge than to be able to do it behind a mask and it be all about the voice.”

He added: “I loved my outfit and character. As soon as your mask goes on something takes over and that’s it you’re a whole different… I was about to say person but, yeah, you’re the furthest thing from being a person on this show!”


Badger – Ne-Yo

Ne-Yo was Badger
Badger is NE-YO

In the final, Badger finished as runner up and was unmasked as superstar singer Ne-Yo.

He said: “I’ve been a fan of the show from the start! Really, I just wanted to try and see how far I could go without being identified.”

Ne-Yo added: “Aside from it being terribly hot, I loved my mask and costume! The Rock n’ Roll Badger has become a part of my life and will forever hold a special place in my heart!

“The costume designers are TOP NOTCH! They didn’t need any input from me, nor was I going to stand in the way of their genius.”


Sausage – Joss Stone

Joss Stone as Sausage
Joss Stone is SAUSAGE

In the final, Sausage was crowned the winner and was unmasked as singer-songwriter Joss Stone.

Joss said: “Singing can be an emotional thing. It helps you and others get through so much, music is truly therapy for your soul. With that being the focus for so long you can get caught up in the deepness of it. It doesn’t have to always be so serious and heavy. Life doesn’t have to be like that if you don’t want it to be.

“It made me laugh every day and it made everyone I walked past laugh. What a brilliant way to live life. I wish I never took it off really. My actual face and body are just not half as entertaining for people!”


The Masked Singer UK airs Saturday nights on ITV.

You can watch episodes online via the ITV Hub.