Who’s Alien on The Masked Singer? True identity is revealed – spoiler!

Who is Alien on The Masked Singer

Who is Alien on The Masked Singer? Her true identity has been revealed – SPOILERS.


The Masked Singer UK is back airing Saturday nights on ITV.

The mystery singing competition sees famous faces compete to put on the best musical performance all while their identities are hidden behind elaborate masks and costumes.

One of the contestants on the competition in 2020 was Alien who hoped to dazzle earthlings with out of this world performances.

In the first episode tonight (26 December), Alien performed Don’t Start Now by Dua Lipa.

Who is Alien on The Masked Singer?

And after just one performance, Alien was unmasked as singer Sophie Ellis-Bextor.

Speaking about signing up, Sophie said: “The craziness of the show! And getting the chance to try and sing sounding unlike me. I love a challenge and why not do it dressed as an extraterrestrial?!”


Joking about keeping the show a secret, she added: “Well it turns out most of my friends and family don’t ask me much about my job after all! It was only down to my own willpower after that.”

Meanwhile, Sophie said of leaving: “I left first so I felt like a gymnast who had a cool routine with jumps and twists, who then left after their first comedy somersault. But it’s cool – I do my flips and jumps better with my own head on.”

Alien’s clues included a crime scene. Another clue saw Alien tease: “I have never been invaded but I have been a part of an epic battle”

Before the unmasking, fans watching were quick to identify the mystery singer as Sophie.

They suggested the ‘crime scene’ clue was a reference to her hit Murder On The Dancefloor while the ‘battle’ referred to her beating Victoria Beckham to number one.

The Masked Singer series 2 continues Saturday evenings on ITV.

More contestants competing in the competition in 2020 are Grandfather Clock, Swan, Blob, Sausage, Robin, Harlequin, Dragon, Seahorse, Badger, Viking and Bush Baby.


You can watch and catch up via the ITV Hub here.

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