The Island: Tom Allen to front new Dave series

Tom Allen is to front a new Dave series which sees comedians go head to head to design the perfect desert island.


The Island will see four comics compete to make their own personal dream desert island the best one.

A teaser for the new show explains: “Each week, Allen will put these four islands, and their leaders to the test – who’s got the best house band? How do you even judge that? And you may think you want your island’s only drink to be Fanta Limon, but what happens when it attracts that swarm of angry bees you chose last week?

“Well, Kemah Bob and Jason Forbes will be on hand as they bring ‘live’ reports from the islands, to make sure nothing is missed.”

The Island is devised and executive produced by James Acaster, Ed Gamble, Lloyd Langford and John Robins, and produced by Super Best Quality Video Productions.

Tom Allen said: “At a time when so many of us have fantasised about living on an island far away from the people around us, I couldn’t be more excited to be hosting this fun, original show whilst putting comics through their paces to demonstrate that utopia is a very difficult thing to achieve.

“I’m also delighted to be working alongside the hilarious comic talents of Kemah Bob and Jason Forbes who I’ve wanted to work with for years – it’s going to be a lot of fun!”

Joe McVey, Super Best Quality Video Productions, said: “I think Robinson Crusoe gave getting stranded on a desert island a pretty bad rep. It turns out he was just a massive drama queen and actually loads of really funny stuff happens.”


UKTV’s head of comedy entertainment Iain Coyle added: “It’s a unique concept, driven by some of the sharpest comedic minds in the country. I’m absolutely delighted that we’ve managed to secure this show for Dave.”

The Island will air for eight episodes on Dave later in 2021.

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