The Great House Giveaway: Channel 4 announces new property show

Channel 4 has announced a brand new property show, The Great House Giveaway.


The new daytime series will offer two strangers the opportunity to get their foot on the property ladder.

The Great House Giveaway begins at 4PM on Monday, October 5 and continue weekdays.

In each episode, two strangers who have never met before and have never met and have never owned a home before will be given a lump sum to buy a property at auction.

They will then have six months to renovate their purchase into a habitable and desirable home with the hope of selling it on and making a profit, which they will keep, helping them towards their dream of owning their own home one day.

If they don’t sell – the house goes back to auction.

Simon O’Brien (Find It, Fix It, Flog It; Lost and Found) will present the series.


A successful property developer himself, Simon will be on hand to offer tips and tricks to help each partnership of novice property developers have the best shot of making a sale and coming away with a profit.

Simon O’Brien said: “I’m really excited to be fronting this hugely ambitious series for Channel 4. There are loads of rundown properties across the UK with huge potential for first time buyers ready to be brought back to life with some hard work and imagination.

“I know from experience that renovation can be both challenging and rewarding and I can’t wait to see what our budding developers achieve in their six months.”

Kate Thomas, Commissioning Editor, Channel 4 Daytime commented: “For many people in the UK, owning their own property feels like an impossible daydream. In The Great House Giveaway we are giving some of those people the potentially life-changing opportunity to get their foot on the property ladder, but only if they work hard and work together.”

Executive Producer Sioned Morys at programme makers Chwarel added: “Channel 4 gave us the space and opportunity to get this format right. Over the past year – we have bought and sold 20 houses – in very challenging conditions.

“We have edited the majority of the series during the Coronavirus pandemic, putting in place remote systems to enable us to do so when we knew that lockdown was a possibility.

“It’s been brilliant working with Kate and her team – long may it continue.”


The Great House Giveaway starts on TV at 4PM on Monday, October 5 and continue weekdays.

Picture: Channel 4

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