The Circle 2021 results: Final ratings and winner revealed in FULL!

The Circle 2021 winner has been revealed – here’s who won with a full recap of the ratings and results.


Series 3 of The Circle concluded on Friday night (9 April) in a special show hosted by Emma Willis.

In the final, each of the five finalists ranked their fellow four players from most to least favourite. The contestant they rated the highest received 4 points, the second 3 points, the third 2 points and the least favourite 1 point.

In the case of a tie, the player with the most Number 1 placings would be declared the winner.

At the end of it all, it was Natalya who won The Circle 2021, winning a £100,000 prize.

Here’s how the finalists rated…

The Circle 2021 ratings and results


1. Syed/Hashu
2. Felix
3. Manrika
4. Tom/Joey and Pippa



1. Manrika
2. Syed/Hashu
3. Andy
4. Tom


1. Andy
2. Marika
3. Tom
4. Felix


1. Felix/Natalya
2. Andy
3. Syed/Hashu
4. Tom

Tom/Joey and Pippa

1. Felix
2. Manrika
3. Andy
4. Syed/Hashu

Final points scores

1.= Felix (Natalya) – 12 points (2 number one placings)
1.= Manrika – 12 points (1 number one placings)
3. Andy – 11 points
4. Syed (Hashu) – 10 points
5. Tom (Joey and Pippa) – 5 points

As Felix/Natalya had the most number one placings, they were declared the winner.

Unlike in past series of The Circle, there was no viewer vote with Natalya enjoying taking home all of the prize money.


The Circle 2921 aired on Channel 4.

You can catch up on all episodes from this year’s series as well as the first and second series from 2018 and 2019 via the All4 Player.

Meanwhile, following the final of series 3, you can put yourself forward for a potential fourth series.


To apply for future series of The Circle UK, you must be aged 18 or over at the time of filming (to be confirmed) and be resident or have the right to reside in the UK.

You can register your interest for the application online now at

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