The Circle 2019 results: Who left? Another player is blocked – RECAP!

Who left The Circle? Latest blocking result is revealed - October 3

The latest results from The Circle 2019 are in – who left the show in the latest episode? (October 3).

Tonight’s show saw another contestant blocked as two influencers were chosen.

This evening’s new episode saw the latest ratings results revealed as Tim Wilson and Ella May were made influencers.

It was the first time for Ella as an influencer but the fourth time in a row for Tim.

They had the power to decide who to block from The Circle, choosing to send Jay (aka Katie Roe Carr) home.

Delivering their decision, Tim wrote: “We have chosen the player we think sadly has no more to give to The Circle. The player we have chosen is Jay.”

Unknown to the other players, twenty-something Jay was really 43-year-old Katie Roe Carr, Jay’s mum who had been secretly playing the game as her son.

As is customary in The Circle, the eliminated player was able to meet one of their fellow contestants face to face for the first time before leaving the game.

Katie/Jay decided to meet Sammie, unaware that the single mum was also a catfish and is really a man called James.

Katie/Jay and Sammie/James’ meeting will air in Friday’s episode, which will also see a live viewer vote hosted by Emma Willis.

The Circle results

Here’s a recap of the latest player ratings and the results…

1st. Ella May – INFLUENCER
2nd. Tim Wilson – INFLUENCER

3rd. Woody Cook
4th. Katie Roe Carr (aka “Jay”) – ELIMINATED
5th. Georgina Aurelia Elliott – IMMUNE
6th. James Doran (aka “Sammie”)
7th. Brooke Odunbaku

New players Beth Dunlavey and Jack Quirk were not part of the rating while Georgina was immune from being eliminated after a twist earlier this week.

Those left in the game continue in the competition where up to £100,000 can be won.

The Circle continues to air Monday-Friday and Sunday nights at 10PM on Channel 4.

You can watch episodes online and catch up via All4.

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