The Circle 2019 results: Who left? Third player is blocked – recap latest episode!

Who left The Circle last night? Third blocking result is revealed - October 1

Another player was blocked in The Circle 2019 results last night (October 1).

Monday’s show ended on a cliffhanger as two new players were made influencers.

Georgina Aurelia Elliott and Tim Wilson were voted as the most popular by their fellow players. It was Tim’s third time in the top two but the first for Georgina.

As influencers, they had the power to decide which of the other players to block and send home.

Georgina and Tim decided to block Judy, seeing her leave The Circle.

However unknown to Georgina and Tim – and the other contestants in The Circle – Judy wasn’t real.

The 27-year-old woman was in fact 63-year-old TV presenter Richard Madeley from London. Richard was a celebrity catfish, controlled by viewers, who could not win.

On the launch night, viewers had chosen his false identity as Judy.

As part of a secret task, Richard was given the challenge of trying to get ‘Judy’ blocked from The Circle.

Richard was successful in his task, seeing him depart the show but not before one last twist.

Richard was told he had the power to grant one player immunity from the next elimination by meeting them face to face before making his exit.

He chose to meet Georgina, granting her immunity.

“My mum is going to die! My mum loves you!” reacted Georgina.

The pair then had a touching conversation about Georgina’s Crohn’s disease that left her in tears.

Richard went on to reveal: “They said to me, ‘You’ve got to be Mrs Unpopular’. You’ve got to get blocked to get the power of immunity to give to someone… and it was a no brainer that I wanted to give it to you. You’re strong, and funny and brave and empowered.”

He later added to the camera: “She’s an admirable young woman and I’m really glad I’ve had the chance to give her a little bit of help along the way in this game.”

It was up to Georgina whether or not she disclosed her immunity to the other contestants, deciding to keep it a secret between herself, Tim and Brooke.

The Circle continues Monday-Friday and Sunday nights at 10PM on Channel 4.

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