The Chase’s Shaun Wallace rejects calls for ‘The Dark Destroyer’ nickname to be changed


The Chase star Shaun Wallace has rejected calls for his nickname to be changed.

Shaun is one of five Chasers on the ITV game show, going by his alter ego ‘The Dark Destroyer’.

He has defended the name, which has reportedly been changed in international productions due to concerns of racial undertones.

“It was actually Bradley who started to call me the Dark Destroyer, and there was absolutely no side or sinister reason behind it,” Shaun said this weekend.

He told The Sun newspaper: “So no, Britain may be less PC, but guess what? I am proud to be black.

“If ITV were to ask me, or consider changing it, then I would tell them this, ‘I am proud to be black, I am proud to be dark. I want the name to stay as it is.’

“And because of my intellect — and I destroy people because of my intellect — then so be it. That’s the way I use the term the Dark Destroyer, and I am not offended. And I hope other people aren’t offended either.”

Alongside Shaun, the current Chasers are Jenny Ryan (aka The Vixen), Anne Hegerty (The Governess), Mark Labbett (The Beast) and Paul Sinha (The Sinnerman).

Now in its tenth year and and having reached over 1,000 episodes, The Chase has seen global success, with versions made in 11 countries.

The Chase currently airs at 5PM on weeknights on ITV.

You can watch The Chase online for free (UK viewers) and catch up with past episodes on ITV Hub.