The 1% Club boardgame released – buy now here

The 1% Club has released a boardgame to accompany the TV show!.

The quiz show hosted by Lee Mack airs on ITV and now you can play at home with a brand new boardgame.

A teaser for the boardgame, which is for 3 – 6 players, shares: “Do you have what it takes to join ‘The 1% Club’? Based on the popular TV gameshow, this brain teasing boardgame will finally determine who amongst you can join the top 1% of quizzers in the nation!

“The 1% Club, where the questions have nothing to do with remembering little-known facts, endless reams of dates or obscure quiz trivia, as instead they are all about applying logic, reasoning skills and common sense.”

You can order the boardgame online now here.

Buy The 1% Club boardgame here »

Meanwhile a brand new series of The 1% Club arrives on ITV soon.

The third series will see double the number of shows with 16 new episodes including two Christmas specials this year and next.

The show’s format kicks off with a whopping 100 contestants, each vying for the ultimate prize of up to £100,000. However, the path to victory is anything but straightforward. To emerge victorious, participants must tackle a question that stumps a mere 1% of the entire nation.

What sets this quiz apart is its accessibility. It welcomes contestants of diverse ages and backgrounds, making it an inclusive competition. Unlike many other quizzes, there’s no need for extensive general knowledge preparation. Instead, success hinges on the application of logic and good old-fashioned common sense.

Host Lee Mack said: “Once again I am delighted to cause household arguments, as kids mock their parents for being not as bright as them. But us grown-ups can stay out as late as we want, so we get the last laugh”

Past episodes are available to watch online now via ITVX here.

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