Take Me Out contestant appears to suffer unfortunate wardrobe malfunction


Take Me Out was back on ITV last night and one of the flirty thirty appeared to suffer a very unfortunate wardrobe problem.

Viewers couldn’t quite take their eyes off one of the women in particular throughout the episode.

Soon many were on Twitter to check they were all seeing the same thing.

“When you look at twitter just to confirm that everyone else was thinking the same #TakeMeOut ?” tweeted one.

Another commented: “How did nobody tell her……more to the point, how the hell didn’t she see it herself!?!?”

Many felt rather sorry as the episode went on: “That poor girl ?”

And others jumped to her defence, with one tweeting: “Seriously ppl need to get a grip tweeting about Sharlene. It’s a crease ffs. People will look for anything to slate ppl.

“Don’t let it get you down girl rise above it. I thought u looked one of the best there. ? #takemeout #”

Elsewhere in last night’s episode, magician Phil went on his date with Bella after they were paired up on last week’s show.

But things got VERY awkward when Bella confessed to not really being into him, admitting she had ‘forgotten’ to turn off her light.

“Can’t believe the girl on #TakeMeOut saying she meant to turn her light out. How mean can you get! He looked like he was going to burst into tears, bless him,” one viewer reacted.

Agreed another: “Telling the guy at the end of the date you actually meant to press your light? That’s like being kicked in the nuts 10 times. Harsh. #TakeMeOut”


Take Me Out continues Saturday nights on ITV.

With SEVEN weddings, THREE babies (and TWO on the way!) the bar has been set high for the brand new series, which kicked off at the start of the month.

Alongside the main show, this year will also see a pair of special celebrity episodes, an OAP special and first ever ‘gender swap’ show that puts the men in charge.

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