Survival Of The Fittest spoilers: Boys play dirty ahead of the final

There’s just one day until the Survival Of The Fittest final, and the boys are playing dirty.


In tonight’s show, the Boys are starting to think tactically ahead of the Final and realise that the only way to beat the Girls is to get inside their heads.

Callum and Tristan are plot ways to break up the Girls’ team. The Boys know the Girls are strongest when they are working together and when they have smoothed the cracks so they devise a strategy to break them down and stir some drama…

Tristan says: “If we can’t win fairly, we’ve got to cheat and get in their heads. I want them arguing with each other tonight, big time.”

“When the Girls are in disarray, they lose!” Callum adds.

In the Tree House, Tristan explains: “They perform worst when they’re arguing so it’s only right that we do the one thing that makes them perform bad and that’s argue… I’m going to go round stirring.”

“We need to stir it tonight,” Callum tells the Boys, “At the end of the day, the Final is more important.”


Tristan adds: “If they go into the Final with rubbish chemistry, then it’s up for grabs.”

In the Tree House, Callum says: “Girls, it’s time for psychological warfare. Be ready because we are going to mess you up.”

Callum and Tristan later share their plan with James and Warren.

Warren says in the Tree House: “The Girls have no idea we’re going to start stirring things up and dividing them. We do what it’s going to take to win the Final.”

In the Tree House, James says of their master plan: “Pure pure evil. Pure pure genius.”


Later, the Boys start to make progress with their plan as Callum winds Mariam up about her being weak if the Final involves water. Knowing swimming isn’t her strength, Mariam gets upset and cries in the dressing room. “That comment really pissed me off,” she says.

Survival of the Fittest airs tonight at 9pm on ITV2