Survival Of The Fittest results see another girl leave in dramatic exit

Survival Of The Fittest result

A second girl has been booted off Survival Of The Fittest on ITV2.

Last night’s show saw Georgie Clarke become the second contestant to leave the competition.

After the Girls lost the Team Challenge – seen in Wednesday night’s episode – the public were asked to vote to save their favourite Girl out of Georgia, Georgie, Jenny, Lottie, Mariam and Mettisse.

In Thursday night’s show, Laura entered The Lodge and revealed the four Girls who got the lowest public votes.

She then told the Boys they have to choose out of the bottom four, who they want to Replace and they chose Georgie.

Georgie made a dramatic exit, following some tears earlier in the episode.

“I’m so sorry but your time is up on the girls team and you must leave the lodge,” Laura announced.

There were lots of tears as Georgie said her goodbyes before leaving the lodge.

Speaking after her exit, Georgie said: “I feel absolutely gutted that I’m out. I would do pretty much anything to go back in and continue fighting.

“I’m gutted that I’ve been chosen to leave. I saw myself going to the end and fighting to the end to make sure the Girls won.”

She continued: “I loved every second of it. I wish I could be back there now.

“It was incredible to meet everybody and meet the Girls, have a solid team to begin with and compete in the challenges.”

Georgie went on to hit out at some of the girls going into “panic mode” after losing their challenge.

She said: “I was actually really gutted to start seeing some of the girls use that as a technique to stay.

“I would much have preferred for us all to stick together and represent the females in The Lodge as a team but I think that they all went into panic mode.

“Jenny and I tried really hard to make a point not to do that.”

Survival Of The Fittest continues Friday night at 9PM on ITV2.