Survival Of The Fittest girls turn on Lottie James – and it ends in tears

The girls confront Lottie James on Survival Of The Fittest tonight.


In tonight’s show, The Girls are talking about Lottie following them all being at risk of being Replaced after they failed the Team Challenge yesterday.

Georgie says: “She is absolutely not a threat to the Boys.”

“We are all here to win and these things need to be spoken about and we need to decide what our strategy is otherwise we’re not going to win,” Jenny adds.

Georgia says: “Everyone has got to pull their weight equally. It’s not in her and that’s why she is oblivious.”

“She’s not got the fire,” Jenny adds.

Georgie says: “We couldn’t have won it without us but we could have won it without Lottie.”


Mettisse goes to speak to Lottie later about her lack of support for the team.

Of the rest of the Girls team, Mettisse says: “They do feel a bit disappointed because they said that you weren’t really supporting us when we were doing the challenge.”

“I was but I’m just not a loud person. I was supporting!” Lottie says.

Lottie gets upset and starts to cry. She says she wants to go home.

Mettisse gets a bit upset at making Lottie upset.

“I’ve heard how they feel and I did agree with them. Now talking to you, I forget about people’s different personalities and I should have known that you were supporting me.”

In the Tree House, Lottie gets upset: “I just feel like everyone else is way better than me.”

Mettisse says she feels like she is at school and Georgie takes Lottie aside to try and sort things out and rebuild some strength in the Girls team.


Survival Of The Fittest airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2.

The results of the latest public vote will be revealed before the boys pick one more girl to go home.