Survival Of The Fittest cast: Meet new girl Sam Dewhurst, who replaces Georgie Clarke

Sam Dewhurst is the latest member of the Survival Of The Fittest cast.


She replaces Georgie Clarke, who was eliminated from the show last night.

Sam is a 24-year-old Student Recruitment Officer and Qualified Teacher from Manchester.

“I would describe myself as bubbly, positive and spontaneous. My friends would describe me as sarcastic, bubbly and again, positive,” Sam said.

She said before entering today: “My unique selling point would have to be that I treat everyone equally and fairly and that is part and parcel of me. I think it’s a good attribute to have.

“It helps me gain friends and be confident and comfortable around people.”

“Obviously the main point is men versus women,” she said. “I think everyone wants to see that battle and it is enticing. I feel I’m most suited to this type of show because of what I do in my spare time which is gym and fitness.

“I thought the show would be perfect for me and the challenges are something I really want to do. I love to be challenged in life and so the fact it’s on this programme and in South Africa – it’s the best!”

You can watch a preview of Sam’s entrance on the show above.

Last night’s show saw Georgie Clarke become the second contestant to leave the competition.

After the Girls lost the Team Challenge – seen in Wednesday night’s episode – the public were asked to vote to save their favourite Girl out of Georgia, Georgie, Jenny, Lottie, Mariam and Mettisse.

In Thursday night’s show, Laura entered The Lodge and revealed the four Girls who got the lowest public votes.

She then told the Boys they have to choose out of the bottom four, who they want to Replace and they chose Georgie.


Catch the fallout of Georgie’s exit and Sam’s entrance in this evening’s episode.

Survival of the Fittest airs tonight at 9pm on ITV2