Survival of the Fittest cast: Meet new girl Hayley Madigan, who replaces Sydney Devereaux

Hayley Madigan is the latest lady to join the Survival of the Fittest 2018 cast.


Last night the boys had the power to kick out one of the girls, and it was Sydney Devereaux who left Survival of the Fittest in tonight’s show.

In yesterday evening’s episode, host Laura Whitmore entered The Lodge.

She addressed the Teams: “As you know, this is Survival of the Fittest. To stay on the Team, you have to earn your place. The public have been voting for who they think should keep their place on the Girls’ team.”

The two Girls with the most public votes were then revealed. The Boys then faced a difficult decision to make: Which of the other girls will lose their place in The Lodge? They chose to eliminate Sydney.

Tonight, Hayley joins the show. She is a 28-year-old Personal Trainer from Portsmouth.

She says before entering: “I’ve worked my way up to be a confident, strong, independent female who wants to empower other women to be that as well. I want to show that Girls can do it on their own, they don’t have to build relationships like some of the others in The Lodge. But at the same time, they can enjoy the Boys’ company but still be on the Girls’ team.”


Hayley adds: “I want to prove that Girls can be independent of men but you can still look sexy and you can still flirt with them. I want to show that Girls can be strong and fight for themselves and I want to prove a point that Girls are better than Boys so this is the perfect show for that.”

Survival of the Fittest, tonight at 9.50pm on ITV2