The Rap Game UK 2021 contestants: Meet the MCs on series 3

The Rap Game UK season 3 cast
the rap game uk

The cast of contestants taking part in season 3 of The Rap Game UK have been revealed.

The Rap Game UK will be back on BBC Three this summer with a new £20,000 cash prize and mentor scheme to help the winning artist create, launch and promote new music following the competition.

Series 3 of the talent search will premiere on BBC iPlayer from 7PM on Thursday 22 July with new episodes weekly.

For now, meet the contestants taking part below!

The Rap Game UK series 3 contestants

Kay Rico

Kay Rico
Kay Rico

25-year-old from Manchester

Says Kay: “I chose The Rap Game because I feel like I fit the criteria. I’ve watched the first season and the second season and I feel like I’m able to do that. This is the correct platform for me to showcase that.

“I live and breathe music. I don’t think there’s a day that I don’t listen to music. I listen to all types of music. I don’t just stick to one genre. And that’s what helps me to be a versatile artist as well.”




23-year-old from Hackney

Says Pocaa: “It’s an opportunity. It’s more than an opportunity actually. It is game time. Playtime over for real. Yeah, it’s, it’s go time.

“I’m very versatile. But I’m very passionate, in everything I do, so hopefully you see my passion. Not hopefully – you will see my passion for everything. People are like, wow, when they see me do drill. But why can’t females do drill? If a guy can do it, I can do it.”




19-year-old from Bermondsey

Says Saidu: “The Rap Game UK brings a lot of opportunities. The fact alone that I get to perform in front of Krept and Konan and DJ Target. These are people that have been in the game for years now. I could learn off their experiences. I could learn off their mentoring and everything that they teach me. I can use that and better my craft.

“And also the fact the competition is aired in front of a wider audience – I get to gain more attraction from people and people will be intrigued by my work.”


Oakzy B


24-year-old from Glasgow

Says Oakzy B: “My music can vary from hip hop, grime, to rave…. I can be singing one day… I don’t like to confine myself. I’m a very free soul. It’s whatever comes to my mind. But mostly it’s hip hop or grime. As long as there’s a mic or MC so I can spit.

“Music means everything. Music took me off the streets, took me off crime, and put money in my pocket. I mean, real money, legit money. Without music, chances are I’d probably in jail or I’d be on the roads in some gang – something daft.”




21-year-old from Croydon

Says BrynBP: “I chose The Rap Game because I just think it’s such a great platform to get my message across to everyone else. It’s just – for me to tell everyone it doesn’t matter who you are or what you look like, you can still do what you wanna do.

“It just gives them a kind of greenlight as well cause they can be like, ‘ah I relate to her – I feel like I can do the same’. It’s a great way of showcasing your talent and expressing your emotions. I just want people to see that. That’s why I chose The Rap Game.”



Contestant MC Kaydizzy - (C) Naked - Photographer: Vicky Grout
Contestant MC Kaydizzy – (C) Naked – Photographer: Vicky Grout

19-year-old from Stoke

Says KayDizzy: “[The Rap Game] is one of the biggest – and I mean biggest – platforms for young, underground artists like myself to showcase what I’m made of and what I can do. This is the place I can showcase what I’ve got.

“In Stoke there aren’t many opportunities like this. There’s zero. It’s hard. Growing up, I’ve seen stupid stuff that at first made me had a negative outlook on things. But when I got older I realised I needed to express myself in a different way. And music lets me express myself in a way that I can’t in words. ”


Series 3 of The Rap Game UK comes to BBC Three and BBC iPlayer in July 2021.

For now you can watch the first two series online via the BBC iPlayer here.

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