Race Across The World 2020 contestants, winner and results from series 2

Who won Race Across The World? Results and cast: Meet the couples

Race Across The World 2020 is over – meet the contestants who took part in series 2 and the winner and results.


Race Across The World sees pairs of travellers will race from the start line in one part of the world to the finish thousands of miles away – without the use of air travel or any of the trappings of modern day life.

They must navigate their way through the varied landscapes of countries at ground level, with only the cash equivalent of the airfare to their final destination.

For 2020, Race Across The World sees the teams going from the top to bottom of Latin America – from Mexico City to the most southerly city in the world, Ushuaia in Argentina. Up for grabs is a cash prize of £20,000.

Each team started with £1,453 – here’s who took part and who won in the results.

Race Across The World 2020 contestants and results

Five teams of pairs took part in series 2.

Emon and Jamiul – WINNERS

Emon, Jamiul
Emon, Jamiul

Uncle and nephew Emon, 35, and Jamiul, 25, from Oldham, Lancashire.

Emon spent ten years apart from Jamiul, reuniting at a family wedding three months before the race.

Says Emon: “My nephew motivated me to do this challenge – since we have rekindled our relationship, it would be a fantastic journey to go on with him and I wouldn’t do this challenge with anyone else. I was a very active explorer back in my twenties, but I’ve recently become lazy in my lifestyle. I also want to do this before starting my own family.”

Jamiul added: “My main motivation to do this competition is to rebuild a relationship between myself and my uncle. To learn from one of my oldest role models, and understand what it takes to have a winning attitude and boldness.

“I like to think that I’m capable of doing whatever it takes to get what I want in terms of working hard and taking risks, but finishing first isn’t necessarily the focus for me, I’d rather make meaningful relationships. I have always done things with a support system to keep me from falling, so I believe this trip will push both me and my uncle in ways we have never experienced.”

They won the £20,000.


Rob and Jen – RUNNERS UP

Robbie, Jen
Robbie, Jen

Married couple Rob and Jen, both 33, are from Reading.

Jen and Rob have been together for nine years and married for five for them. As a child, Rob suffered from Cholesteatoma, which has left him deaf in one ear and partially deaf in the other.

Jen said: “I have several motivations for doing this trip. The first is the cash! I want to finally sort my house out and make it liveable! I also want to see the world, but most importantly, I want to share this experience with Robbie. I want him to achieve something and to see his confidence zoom right back up.

“He loves to travel, and I want to share a good experience with him after all of this heartache we’ve been through. I want to remind him what fun is, and show him that everything is OK and yes, you’ve had to adapt to a new life, but look what we can achieve together.”

Rob added: “To get a break from the daily grind, find out what we really want from life, explore the world and spend more time with my wife. Due to my hearing loss, we don’t communicate as much anymore so I want this to challenge and force us to improve our communication.”

They were runners up.


Dom and Lizzie – THIRD PLACE

 Dom, Lizzie
Dom, Lizzie

Dom, 22 and Lizzie, 21, are a brother and sister pairing from Wetherby, West Yorkshire.

Born just 16 months apart, the siblings drifted apart as teenagers and now only see each other three times a year.

Says Lizzie: “My motivation for taking part in Race Across the World is to get the chance to build a stronger relationship with my brother, as I believe we have a lot more in common than we both think. I also want to give myself a chance to find more confidence as an individual, as I struggle to have faith in my abilities. I want to prove to myself I can complete a challenge like this with only myself to rely on.”

Dom added: “The main reason why me and my sister want to take part is that we used to be so close when we were younger and it is something we both acknowledge and have a desire to get back. Also, at this stage in my life I’m not sure what’s next for me, I’ve recently dropped out of university and I feel like I’m lacking inspiration and motivation. I want this experience to give me some perspective and help me take the next step.”

Dom and Lizzie finished in third place.


Jo and Sam – WITHDREW

Jo, Sam
Jo, Sam

Mum and son Jo, 54, and Sam, 19, are from Manchester.

Jo first went backpacking over 30 years ago. Now in her 50s, she wants to teach her son Sam – who lives with ADHD – how to explore the world, and support him before he decides to take on adventures of his own.

Jo says: “Adventure and travel with my son, to be able to challenge myself again and regain my zest for life. My son and I get on so well and he is desperate to travel, but I’m nervous of him going off on his own. I want the trip to help him grow, and see how the world works. To watch him experience this will be fantastic. He’s come such a long way and I would love to see him achieve his dreams.”

Sam adds: “Travelling with mum, getting to see different places and to get to go on adventures. Mum and I are very close – we often think or say the same things. She has travelled a lot in her life, so I think it would be fun to do it with her. She always seems to get things right, she can speak to people and fix things – she’s amazing.”

Joe and Sam withdrew after the seventh leg after running out of money.


Michael and Shuntelle – WITHDREW

Shuntelle, Michael
Shuntelle, Michael

Michael, 47, and Shuntelle, 40, are a couple from South London who have been together three years – but have yet to move in together.

Practical and cautious Shuntelle is used to high-class business travel and the safety of all-inclusive resorts when going on holiday. Whereas ex-military man Michael prefers a bit of danger somewhere in the great outdoors.

Shuntelle says: “I am 40 and have been sensible all my life. I’ve always made the right choices and never taken any major risks. I’ve entered a new stage in my life and feel I want more. It’s time to move away from the all-inclusive holidays in Jamaica and see what else the world has to offer. I also want to show my boyfriend that I’m not made out of cotton wool.”

Michael adds: “To win the competition by doing something that I like to do. We also see this as a test of our relationship and how we get along with each other.”

The pair withdrew from the race after the third leg after running out of money.


Race Across The World aired on BBC Two. You can catch up now via BBC iPlayer.


Alongside the BBC Two series, a Celebrity Race Across the World spin-off has been confirmed to air on BBC One.

Celebrity Race Across The World will air over six episodes. An air date and line up has yet to be confirmed.